Any chance we might see Dragonfly-like dev tools (think Opera 12) in the future?

  • Hey everyone, I'm a web developer and I'm still using Opera 12 for some of my work, because of it's dev tool "Dragonfly". I also really like Vivaldi so far, because of it's customizability, the sidebar, great tab handling and so on... Features from Opera 12 live on 🙂 But is there any chance we might see something like "Dragonfly revived" for Vivaldi? Reasons / features that I'm looking for: [ul] [li]- Real-time editing of markup and styles (simply double click on a tag in the DOM explorer to edit it as HTML, and changes are applied in real-time)[/li] [li]- Toggles for highlighting elements on mouseover and inspect elements on click (in other browsers, each single time I want to select/highlight an element in the page, I have to click an extra button before)[/li] [li]- Option to hide comments in the DOM explorer[/li] [/ul] Any thoughts on that? Or any ideas how to get those features in a "modern" browser (i.e. newer than Opera 12)?

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    Meh I don't think so, the dev tools are not about Vivaldi but about blink.
    The dev team is small and can't mantain a blink fork, so I think they'll stick with blink dev tools, which are not that bad imo

  • Thank you!

    The blink dev tools are certainly not bad (and in some respects, even way superior to Dragonfly), I also use them quite often… I just hope they'll get real-time editing in the future... It seems really strange to me that the years-old Opera is the only browser that supports that natively.

    Guess I'll just continue using Opera 12 for some parts in my workflow.

  • In my point of view the Blink DevTools is a equal powerful tool for Web Developers. I'm a Web Developer (among other things :D) and in my company all people use Google Chrome for that.

    The only reason I have not switched completely to Vivaldi is because the DevTools… the window manager have a lot of Bugs and I can't split the two screen in the same Window... I hope that Bug be fixed very soon to remove the devourer of resources (Google Chrome) and start fully using this amazing browser 🙂

    Btw... I know... I know... I would love that Vivaldi was an open source project 😉

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    the window manager have a lot of Bugs and I can't split the two screen in the same Window

    View source, select current tab and source tab, tile tabs.


  • I'm talking about the DevTools (Inspect Element, option)… I'm an OS X user and when I select that option a new Windows is open and I can't close them... On the image below you can see who the window controls are not shown and the close option on the menu does do nothing.


  • All I want is that it would be docked to the bottom/

  • I wouldn't use Vivaldi yet for this stuff, anyway I think they'll care about the dev tools later since not everyone is a developer
    Anyway there's an oblivious workaround:
    1 - un-maximize Vivaldi
    2 - put the window with the tools just below the browser

    The dev tools have a windows native ui, so I guess they still have to integrate them within the browser which is written with modern javascript frameworks/html/css
    They're going to do what you ask for sure!

    pic related:


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