S.Dial Thumbnail reload logs me out (Edit:On further thought,likely Vivaldi's bug,not Vivaldi.net's)

  • I have [url]https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/mylatest[/url] set as a Speed Dial entry. I just noticed that when I clicked reload on the Speed Dial, it logged me out of Vivaldi.net. Logging back in and retrying it confirmed this odd behavior. (I was reloading the thumbnail because I wanted it to be an image that's representative of the page I see when I'm logged in, not a screenshot of the login prompt, which is what the thumbnail was showing. Upon hitting reload, it briefly shows an appropriate thumbnail of the desired page, then the thumbnail reverts back to showing a miniature view of the login page, giving an immediate indication that the process of fetching the page causes an automatic logout.) I don't know if the fault lies on the Vivaldi browser side or the Vivaldi.net website side, but either way, they interact in a buggy manner in this situation. (Afterthought: I've noticed for a while that after every time I update Vivaldi, I get logged out of the forum. Given the behavior described above, that may be due to Vivaldi reloading Speed Dial thumbnails when it's upgraded.) [i]Edit: On further thought, this almost surely counts as a browser issue, and Vivaldi.net just happened to be a website that had the right conditions to make it evident. Websites shouldn't be able to tell whether a request is for a speed dial thumbnail or for a normal viewport. What I'm guessing probably happens, is something like Vivaldi (the browser) provides the appropriate session cookies when making the initial request for the HTML page at the speed dial's URL (as evidenced by the fact that for a moment, the thumbnail shows up correctly), but then refuses to provide cookies when loading some script or during some XHR, causing some Vivaldi.net script to assume the user is no longer logged in and send the thumbnail's virtual viewport over to the login page, which zaps all session cookies. So perhaps a mod should move this to [url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/all]Forum > Vivaldi Browser > All platforms[/url]. Edit #2: I checked this again today (Oct 28, 2015 on version 1.0.303.37), and was about to say it had been fixed, but no, it sometimes still happens, although not always, oddly enough.[/i]


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