Spam or not spam

  • how many pages we must tolerate from we can't see other blogs because many pages are swamped with him

  • OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH! Definitely spam.

    For a while there I was doing a lot of reporting of spam. But, I got the feeling not much was being done. So, I finally washed my hands of that trying to help bit and just let spam do whatever it wants to.

  • ah ah ! yes i see ! let's go

  • I still report some, but I'll only report one post when a user has 20 posts in a row. I'm not a mod here, and expect them to do their job the way I would (namely, if a user makes one spam post check their other recent posts to see if they are also spam). Of course if you ban a user for one spam post (as I do for new users on the Opera forums) then checking their other posts may be redundant - if they've been a member for a while and I only find one or two spam posts they may get a warning (and the offending posts removed of course).

  • for the good of Vivaldi it seems that the accounts about only for publicity is not good ( remember myopera with some people with 10 accounts with different names but all for the same thing ) if they begin and look it's ok , after the followers are a lot

  • Can't we block him.. like in MyOpera..or delete his account by the people of Vivaldi

  • Vivaldi Team

    They are blocked now. Thanks for reporting.
    We feel we are managing blogs more or less, but increasingly we are getting spams through stream updates. We will look at other ways to keep the streams cleaner from spammers.

  • good ! and thanks , i can see others blogs now :)

  • I got a spam message from a user today. bolomey is the username.

  • Vivaldi Team


    I got a spam message from a user today. bolomey is the username.

    Thanks for letting us know. The user is blocked.


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