Minor update (3) for Vivaldi 2.11

  • @pesala: and implemented incorrectly. Whether it's a bug or a poorly done feature, it being in an official release that is unwelcome to a vocal group means it shouldn't have been there in the first place.

    It's happened in previous Stable releases. The scrollbar bug, random crashes, etc. still made it in a Stable build, and even then it was pointed out by users. So why...

  • @npro You are totally right. My apologies.

  • @Pesala Great idea. Done it right away, should be active now.
    Thank you

  • @Pesala Then Vivaldi Team shouldn't make use of false marketing. They are advertising things that are false.

    "Your browser matters. Take control with Vivaldi."

    What control? If I don't have control over a simple annoying popup icon, what kind of control do I get?

    Solution: Just use Firefox, because unlike Vivaldi, that browser actually provides you with controls to switch things off.

    I don't understand why it takes so long to implement an ON/OFF switch. It's just a freaking IF statement that checks for the value of a boolean var.

  • @SorinMOprea Self-control is best. It is just an icon that disappears after a few seconds. It is not false marketing. Many, many things can be controlled in Vivaldi; just not this one yet. Later it will come.

    I agree that the feature should not have been released in the Stable version until it was working properly, but it was so a little effort is required to learn how to hide it.

    1. Just wait 4 seconds, or
    2. Move the mouse cursor away from the video
    3. If it still does not disappear, click twice on the video to stop and restart it. Then wait a few seconds.

    The icon is useful to those who use Picture-in-Picture; not to those who never use it, so an option to disable it is needed. This should be available by the time 2.12 Stable is released (that may be in about five weeks).

    Other bugs and improvements to PiP will come soon. Perhaps 2.11 Stable will get an update when PiP has been tested some more in the Snapshot build.

  • @Pesala I am using the picture in picture, just not all the time. About 30-40% of the time, I am using it, the rest of the time, no. As a user of this feature, I still consider this icon intrusive and should not be enabled by default.

    Imagine you have many tabs open with multiple videos that you want to watch, not using the Picture-In-Picture, and that annoying icon on which you have absolutely no control (false marketing) just pops in there. It should have been turned into an option with default being disabled in the first hotfix of this release.

    That "little" effort you mention sounds easy when you watch only 1 video per day or per week, but it becomes very annoying after a couple of videos.

    If it takes about 5 weeks to put an IF statement in the code, then I understand now why there's so many bugs in this browser. Good luck. Seriously!

  • @SorinMOprea

    {If}Bug affects many users
      {ElseIf}Bug stops application working
      {ElseIf}Bug stops a major feature from working as intended
    {Then}Write code to fix bug
      {If}Bug fix works in Snapshot
      {ElseIf}Bug fix fails
      Write code to improve bug fix
      {If}Improved code fixes bug
      {Then}When there is time, patch Stable version
      {ElseIf}Wait for next Stable version

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