Password management issues

  • Hi everyone! Hope someone can help. How do I stop Vivaldi from prompting me to save my passwords? I couldn't find the option to do that, and the constant prompting is annoying. Also, I'm a lastpass user. I could install the lastpass extension without any problem, and it works fine until I exit the browser, but I have to re-enable it each time I restart it. Also annoying.

  • To stop Vivaldi from asking to save the password, enter chrome://settings/search#c into the url bar and look for the setting passwords and forms. Uncheck the password management. If you enter vivaldi://settings, you will only open the standard settings page.

  • @galettedesrois Hello, about the password thing I wonder if you want to keep your password by yourself or not? If you dont want the webpage to remember your password maybe you can use a password tool to save your password by using [url=]Password Manager[/url]
    it is reliable anfd free now,you can try

  • @Nickylivia Oh sorry the link is here: Password Manager
    it can not only save your passwords safety but also provide a safety password when you need,you can try

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