Vivaldi Window doesn't get focus when link opened from another program

  • When I open a link from another program, for example my mail client, Vivaldi opens the page fine, but it doesn't get focus or come to the foreground, so I have to both click the link [b]and[/b] switch to Vivaldi. I have Vivaldi 32 bit on Windows 7 64 bit. I've had this problem for several snapshots now, but it used to work ok. Is this just me/a known bug/configurable?

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    I's not just you. Same here on Win 10 X64 w/ 32-bit Vivaldi.

  • Also, if the Settings dialogue is open, the linked page doesn't get passed to Vivaldi at all.

    This is also true if the Settings page is open in a tab.

  • I raised a bug.

  • @JBanana:

    I raised a bug.

    I did it months ago. They are working on it.

  • If only there were a public bug tracker.

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