Minor update (2) for Vivaldi 2.11

  • @pesala: I get the behavior and I still want it gone. There's no acceptable reason a feature should be added that is so visual in nature without the ability to turn it off for users who don't want it.

  • @rseiler: I immediately went to the forums after it was added to the Snapshot to complain about the inability to remove it and everyone complaining was basically told to shut up and not use the Snapshot if you're not comfortable with experimental features. So I went to the Stable, where it was promptly added anyway.

  • đŸ˜‰ for those who want a clener look on youtube try this on stylish!

    .html5-video-player.ytp-fullscreen > .ytp-chrome-top,
    .html5-video-player.ytp-fullscreen > .ytp-gradient-top,
    .html5-video-player.ytp-fullscreen > .ytp-gradient-bottom,
        display: none !important;
    .html5-video-player.ytp-fullscreen > .caption-window.ytp-caption-window-bottom {
        margin-bottom: 0;
    .html5-video-player.ytp-fullscreen > .ytp-chrome-bottom:hover {
        opacity: 1 !important;
        transition: none !important;
    .html5-video-player.ytp-fullscreen > .ytp-chrome-bottom:not(:hover) {
        opacity: 0 !important;
        transition: none !important;

    -When Fullscreen, the things on top will always hide, player control will be transparent unless the cursor is hover on it, the caption will always near the bottom-

    .....the only thing missing is the pop up disabler......

  • May I ask: The extensions icons still stand very near together in 2.11. The rightest icon can only be seen one half. I hoped with an update this would be repaired. If not in future versions, can it be changed with a script?

  • @Michael_from_Germany It is not useful to ask in this thread.

    If you have a lot of extensions, and see a problem that I don't because I have only two, start a new thread in the appropriate forum for your OS, with a screenshot of the issue, and see if anyone can reproduce it before filing a bug report. Post in the Modifications forum to request a workaround using CSS.

  • Dear Dev,

    Script writing, coding, programming, testing, discussing features and how they should be implemented. I get a lot of work, personal time, effort goes into continuing making Vivaldi the best browser it can be and consistently being better as well. The headaches, the backlash, the dried coffee rimming the bottom of your mugs as you just want to get up and pour another cup. I get it.

    The pop-out video button controversy: there's better ways to address our concerns and issues with it, to provide you better criticism, to be positive.

    Although we don't have to make it a bigger deal than it should be, it naturally is a bigger deal than it should be. The community, us, are the testers. By default, I'm sure most of us stick with Snapshots as the only browser without needing to use something else. They're stable enough for daily use, but not meant to be an official main release. Saying this,

    I only ask that you look at all future implementations of "cool" features from all different angles before even releasing it to the public to be tested. Under-the-hood changes are great. Yes, they can break or even create bugs, but they're different from crack-on-the-windshield changes that are directly interfering with our navigation. Perhaps a little more should have went into what that pop-out video button was actually doing instead of just rushing it like this.

    Saying this with love and respect. There's a reason why people like me were first on board with Vivaldi since its inception. Just please be more aware with future renditions.

  • The pop-out icon is a problem under any circumstances, but it is especially noisome when watching a small video in a feed like Twitter. There one cannot click the icon because the video's title overlays it, so the click sends the user to the video's YT page. There has to be a better place for the icon.

  • Hopefully this fixes my crashing. Vivaldi has been entirely unusable for me for last 2 updates.

  • @shadess: Seems to have fixed it.

  • @pesala:
    Almost two weeks have passed since the initial release. It has to be enough time to implement a turn off switch in the Settings. I don't care how much time does it take to fix and test it, but the switch should have been there since the release.

  • @Nekomajin It makes no sense to implement a turn off switch in the Stable version. Any fixes should be made in the Snapshot, tested thoroughly, then the Stable version can be updated with those fixes.

    As has been said several times; the icon is useful to some. It will disappear after a few seconds if the right procedure is followed. Complaining changes nothing apart from reinforcing your own unskilful way of thinking.

    I agree that it should never have been released in the Stable, but it was so deal with it. With any luck we will get a Snapshot this week.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @rseiler: We actually had an update ready yesterday but due to a translation issue we had to hold off on release but we have released it now

  • @Pesala
    It makes no sense to implement a feature just before the promotion to the stable channel, without proper testing and a turn of switch. Yet it happened.

    I did not say it's not useful for some users. It might be useful for me, too, but not like this.

    I did not even bash the devs, just stated the fact, that two weeks should be enough to implement a switch, if a new feature brings such an intense reaction from the users.

    Personally, I can live with it for a few more weeks, but it has nothing to do with my initial comment. I wanted to point out that it's very annoying, when self-proclaimed evangelists reply to every second comment with the same opinion/workaround/offense. You have just proved my point.

  • @Nekomajin said in Minor update (2) for Vivaldi 2.11:

    It makes no sense to implement a feature just before the promotion to the stable channel

    I agreed already, and that was actually my point. It makes no sense to implement a switch in the Stable channel until it has been tested in the Snapshot channel. They are working on it. Hopefully by Friday we will get a new Snapshot.

    Two weeks have obviously not been long enough because they had two important security updates for Chrome. It is annoying when people keep complaining about it when explanations and workarounds have been given already.

  • @Pesala
    No one wants workarounds. That's what can't understand. They want to turn the whole thing off, until a proper fix is ready.

  • i've noticed others have mentioned the PIP icon, its not that it exists for me its its persistence. if i leave the mouse still the player gui disappears in most cases while the PIP icon stays there, unless i move the cursor off the player all together, which as i have a full theatre script running on YT is awkward, not terrible, just awkward. if it disappeared when the mouse was still like other on screen artifacts it would be just fine.

  • @JohnnyFire nice one

  • @christiehmalry Press spacebar twice to stop/start the video, then wait a few seconds.

  • @Pesala thank you i appreciate it, but its easier just to shove the cursor up the corner, its not really about me i can live with anything within reason i'm just trying to constructively criticise, it seemed a good compromise if it could somehow (i know less than nothing about chromium's innards) be made to vanish along with the rest of the player GUI. i do appreciate the functionality, if more videos played on pop out rather than turning black id appreciate it even more but chrome's the same on that score so i guess it's just one of those things.

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