400 error

  • Someone is tampering with my blog. I am unable to login to Vivaldi in the login screen, my latest blog post is password protected and I can't change it, and I am unable to access my community page. in all cases I get a 400 error message. With the help of MoonDawg, we were able get things back to normal. The trick was for me to delete the post (after copying it to the clipboard in Firefox) and then re-posting. Things work fine until the Chinese video I got from Youtube is activated several time by myself or a reader; then thing revert to password protection on the post, can't login to the main Vivaldi site, etc., plus I can't copy it to the Firefox or Windows 10 clipboards. I get the error message, "Browser not supported". Now that I am back (sort of) with limited functionality, I am going to edit the post (removing the video) and see if I can get everything else working again. The idea is to determine if there is malware coding in the video.... I'm Back! The problem was embedded code in the video. Also, it allowed access to my permissions page and added a JAVA untrusted varient, which I blocked. I also deleted the video from the blog, replacing it with a link to the YouTube location. What a bunch of crap. You'd think the Chinese had a little self-esteem and allowed negative posts about them.....

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