Vivaldi opens in window mode and retores hidden panels

  • Hello, when I start the browser it isnt open in fullscreen but in window mode and also when I hide the panels (on the left side of interface) they are coming back when I restart the browser and its very annoying. How can I open the browser in fullscreen and hide the tabs for all time?

  • It's a known bug that Vivaldi only remembers the window position when startup is set to "Last Session." Set it to anything else, and the window position will not be remembered.

  • When I set it to anything else, it still opens in window mode…

  • Moderator

    I believe that's what Tiamarth just said. The ONLY way to open that remembers window state is "Last Session."

  • Vivaldi Team

    The issue with panel not being stored and window size and position not being stored outside "last session" startup types should now be fixed in one of the later snapshots.

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