Please, PWA Installation for all websites

  • EDIT : there's an update to this feature request, based off currently-implemented functions, further down the page

    Microsoft's new Edgium revamped a feature first introduced with IE11 - the "installation" of any website as a PWA. Chrome/ium (and thus, Vivaldi, too) offers PWA installation, too, but on a much more limited scale - if a site offers a PWA (very few do), then there is an option to install the site from the context menu.

    I would like to request a feature where you can install any website as a PWA from the context menu on a tab. I find it very handy to install chat websites, webmail clients, Discord, or game storefronts as PWAs, saving having to install separate Electron (i.e. basically Chromium) shells for web apps.

    Maybe in the future, Vivaldi PWAs could be installed from an Omnibox button, and the PWA border could be rendered as a native window (Vivaldi already supports this for the main browser, and no other browser skins PWAs with native window borders).

    But for the time being, I'd really appreciate being able to install any website (rather than the current handful of niche sites) as PWAs.

    Many thanks!

  • Edgium's PWAs also differ from Chrome/ium/Vivaldi's PWAs, in that the PWA window frame includes a "back" arrow and a "reload/cancel" button on the far left corner. Very useful, imo. I'd love to see that sort of function in Vivaldi!

  • Vivaldi already has Edgium-like PWA support built-in via Chromium, it's just not implemented throughout the browser. Example:

    1. Goto vivaldi://apps
    2. Drag and drop any bookmark into the blank space
    3. The bookmarks will be added as an "App" - I can now right-click, and edit the name of the PWA, add desktop shortcuts, force it to run in a window (this is OFF by default for some reason)
    4. You now have Egium-style PWAs via Vivaldi, due to vanilla Chromium behaviour that is retained.

    Update to feature request

    I would like to request that the context menu entry for "Install this site as an app" be extended thusly:

    1. triggers extended from right-click only on "website tab with officially available PWA" (current) to include right-click on any tab or bookmark
    2. behaviour adapted: currently, only sites with officially available PWA can be "installed" from the context menu. Adapt such that the "Install site as PWA" option does the back-end equivalent of dragging and dropping that site onto the vivaldi://apps page
    3. Default behaviour for websites installed as PWA: set to run in a window (why else would you install a site as a PWA?)

    Later down the line

    1. Add "Reload/cancel page" and "Back" arrows to the window title bar in PWAs (as is currently implemented in M$ Edgium, but not in Chrome/ium)

    I'd sure appreciate these changes, and it would help people switch over from the new Edgium!

  • I could'nt drag a bookmark to make a new app. I'm using vivaldi for linux

  • @ltadeu6 Did you try dragging from the bookmarks bar into vivaldi://apps? It works on Windows.

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