User Blogs and Newest Blogs pages - difficult to read -

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    I am finding the [b]User Blogs[/b] and [b]Newest Blogs[/b] pages - difficult to read. They seem to jump around, scrolling up or down for no apparent reason. At first I blamed it on a bug in the Vivaldi browser, then I noticed it in other browsers and platforms (Opera Dev and on Windows and mac). Now I've realized it is a SITE ISSUE with the showcase banner thing at the top of the page. As all of these showcase items are different sizes when each loads it affects how the whole page is laid out and especially the section of the page I am [i][b]trying[/b][/i] to read and I just leave. Perhaps there is a setting somewhere I have missed that can disable this behaviour in the browser?

  • You could try just disabling image loading in the Vivaldi browser by clicking on the image icon in the status bar (near the zoom slider and Page actions button).

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    Yes, that would would work for Vivaldi and Opera <15.

    Never even thought of it.


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