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  • Hey Vivaldi team. I rarely post on these topics, but thought that every feedback is valuable on this stage. As many other users here, I am still using old Presto Opera + Chrome for new websites. Yes, unfortunately many websites are not looking good (speaking mildly) in Opera 12 and there is nothing we can do. When I came across Vivaldi, it was like a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Really, all these Chrome / Mozilla / new "Opera" are fine for most people, but not for those, who know the taste of full customization options. Chromium / Blink browsers adapt Apple model - "we decide what you should have and if something missing, you do not need it". What I currently see is that you successfully combine new engine with wide customization options and this is great! A big progress has been made since January. Keep going! Here is what IMHO quite significant and what prevents me from using Vivaldi as my main browser at the moment. [ol] [li] Plugins. Yes, Vivaldi started to support Chrome Store, but you cannot use Evernote or Pocket webclip apps as currently no button gets attached to the panel. I am used to it and this is something many other users would like to see as a Christmas gift from Santa 🙂 [b][i]Update:[/i][/b] Partly solved in the latest "snapshot" version. Evernote works, Pocket not yet 🙂 [li] Sticking Inspector to the bottom of the page. As a web developer, I need both page and Inspector to be visible at the same time and putting the side by side is not an option. [i]Also, few minor requests, but also nice to have:[/i] [li] Fit to width button[/li] [li] Keyboard shortcut for recent tabs. So that I could switch recent tabs (scrolling through) by using [b]one and the same combination[/b]. Preferably Ctrl + Tab (same as in Presto Opera), but seems it is blocked in Blink. [b][i]Update:[/i][/b] Solved in the latest "snapshot" version. [/li] [li] Keyboard shortcut for images toggle on/off[/li] [li] Few skins for panel design. CSS setup is cool, but having few predefined options would be great.[/li] [/ol] [b]Again, thanks for your efforts and good luck![/b]

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    MayFreak - Welcome, and Thanks for your comment!

    You probably need to go to the Blog and get the latest snapshot. Then I believe you will get the extension badges you are looking for.

    Then you can check for your other options, and follow along as they are added to the browser.

  • Ayespy, you won't believe, but right after I finished my post, I saw a link to a latest snapshot here, which differs a lot from the official version on!
    I think it is worth putting a small note there that users can get the latest (probably, not the most stable, but newest) version as well.

    You are right, badges for extensions appeared and Evernote works like a charm! Unfortunately, Pocket opens blank window when using it, but I believe, it is solved soon as well.

    Recent tabs can now be scrolled as before. Simple and small thing, but how convenient!

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