Web Interface (Larger) based on domain

  • Hello ,

    My User interface is 95% set globally.

    I do not want it change but I want to see if I'm in ( i.e. www.yahoo.com ) the user interface can be 120% ?

    So that I can set any other specific domains much larger in their website.

    Add-on may be any sugestion ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Uncheck the setting "Use Tab Zoom". Then when you browse to a new website it will return to the default zoom. If you open the site you've zoomed to a non-default it'll retain that zoom, even across tabs, but any sites that haven't been zoomed out of or into will open with default zoom regardless if they are opened in a new tab or the current grab that has a zoomed page.

  • Moderator

    @eeeemc You are using two contradictory terms, here. Page zoom is the zoom of the content of websites. You can have different zoom on different sites by unchecking (I know that sounds contradictory) "Use tab zoom."

    Your UI - User Interface zoom does not affect the content of web pages, but changes the size of the bars and panels, including text, in the browser frame itself. It cannot be different for different sites. It's whatever you set it at in Settings.

  • @Ayespy Yeah, I tried to guess at what I thought he meant... page zoom. Hopefully it helps, but thank you for making that point to avoid confusing readers.

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