Where is the custom background image stored?

  • I pressed the wrong thing and accidentally set a potentially offensive image as my background. I can see how to change the custom image to a different one, but I don't know where the offensive image is stored on my hard drive. How can I find the custom image so I can delete it? I've been through my C:\Users\<Me>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\ directory but I can't find it. It's also not in Pictures, Documents, Downloads, or Desktop.

  • @CJ-Dennis Good question 🙂 I've actually never used that feature (right-click, set as background), but from a quick look I believe it's stored in the file Preferences in your profile as a base64-encoded image url. So no worries that it's been placed somewhere on your disk as a readable image.

    Just change the image back to something safe and you'll be fine 😉

  • Thanks for that! Do you know where it is in the preferences? What file should I look in? (I want to be absolutely sure!)

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    @CJ-Dennis The "preferences" file is in \User Data\Default\

  • So, the file is "User Data/Default/Preferences", the JSON path is "vivaldi/startpage/image/path_custom" and it contains the downloaded file as a Base64 encoded data image ("data:image/jpeg;base64,[base64-encoded-image-data]"). I want to change this back to the default of "no image".

    Can anyone who has never set a custom background image copy just the "vivaldi/startpage" part of the JSON for me? "startpage":{...}

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