FEATURE REQUEST: Evernote integration

  • The notes feature is awesome and probably one of the coolest things I've seen built into a browser. I basically live in Evernote though and would love to have this integrated with notes in Vivaldi. I know there are plugins that can be installed, but they are clumsy and it would be sweet to just have the ability to clip pages to Evernote with Vivaldi. Or to be out somewhere and take a note in Evernote with my phone and then open up Vivaldi when I get home and be able to review the note right there... :woohoo:

  • 🙂

    I totally agree this would be an amazing option.

  • Yes, it is farfetched perhaps. but evernote allows api integration & having 2 note taking apps that are independent of each other isn't very useful. Back in the days of opera, the cloud barely existed; now though it does make some sense to be able to integrate with 3rd party note taking services.


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