Browser freeze if i visit my Forum

  • Hi :( , since the last 1-2 versions, my browser get freezed if i use my Forum Adress: [url=][/url] Ich use: (Entwickler-Build) (64-Bit) Windows 7 and Windows 10

  • Confirmed here too. I am using 32-bit Vivaldi on 64-bit Windows 7.

  • I'm unable to reproduce this.

  • Not crashing here.

  • Not freezing here. Vivaldi 32-bit stand-alone, Win7-64.

  • Still freezing here on the latest Snapshot

    I opened the forum link in a background tab, but clicking the tab doesn't focus the page.

    Clicking the close button on the "AnzahCraft" tab does nothing. The tab will not close even after the minute or two it took to write this post.

    Definitely something seriously wrong there. The tab opens just fine in Opera 12.17.

    Please submit a Bug Report if you have not already done so.

    If I restart Vivaldi from the last session, the tab is still there but I can close it before it freezes completely.

  • (Developer Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 build 10547 and it's working fine.

  • Ok i think its the Design, if i use the Demo from the Developer i have the same Problem with some Desings

  • Im not able to replicate any issue here on Mac 10.10.5.

    I imagine try removing the background image and see if this issue occurs. Then try disabling the AD Styler altogether.

    UI.X follows modern, clean development practices. If it in fact there is some bug we are unable to see here, we will of course fix it. But so far, as I mentioned, no luck replicating. It could come down to graphics processing, which is why I thought to disable the image.

  • Fixed in

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