Scrolling doesn't work in Youtube

  • When I open a video, on the left half inch of the screen scrolling doesn't work. Right/left mouse click work tho. It happened after I reinstalled the browser.

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    @marcus925 Unable to reproduce here. Both scroll-wheel and MMB fast scroll work fine for me.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb (WinSPRLevel = 5.9) on Win 10 64-bit 1909 build 18363.657 • Snapshot 2.11.1811.28 (64-bit)

  • The problem is Vivaldi (youtube page), not my hardware. Scrolling on the selected area on the pic simply doesn't work. I have no problems with scrolling in Opera or Brave tho.

    The problem occurs only when I open a video in default view. Theater mode, miniplayer and everything else no problem. Weird.
    alt text

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    @marcus925 I tried several videos, including the one in your screenshot, but I cannot reproduce it.

    The scrollwheel on my mouse is often unresponsive, but it does work. Perhaps it fails to work while the video is loading, or when there are a lot of comments?

  • I tried with a different mouse and the touchpad on my laptop and still can't scroll. It doesn't matter whether the video is loading or not or which video I try. It simply doesn't work.

  • I just installed the lasted update and it still doesn't work.

  • update

    I tried to reinstall the browser (clean install) and scrolling works fine until I log in. After I log in scrolling on the left side of the screen doesn't work. It's so frustrating.

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    @marcus925 Do you have tabs on the left, or anything else different to the default setup that might affect this.

    Always give your OS and Vivaldi versions when reporting issues, if they may be relevant.

  • There is nothing on the left. The problem occurs even after a clean install after I log in.

    Windows 10 64-bit updated
    Vivaldi 2.11.1811.33 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

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    @marcus925 Please see How to Report a Bug

    This link is now on the Help menu, Report a Bug.

  • thanks

  • @Pesala said in Scrolling doesn't work in Youtube:

    Do you have tabs on the left, or anything else different to the default setup that might affect this.

    I've got tabs on the left and am logged into YouTube, but also cannot reproduce.

    @marcus925 what is the process you used for a "clean install"? I assume you uninstalled the existing instance. Did you then remove all the remnants that are often left on the system? Things like registry keys, user data, etc. are often not removed as part of the uninstall process. That's useful to avoid data loss, but can sometimes cause issues that persist through apparent "clean installs".

    This kind of issue could go away if you test in a brand new profile (creating a new user within the browser itself). I'm not going to go though an uninstall and reinstall myself right now to investigate it, but if parts of your user data are left behind (a definite possibility) and the issue is caused by a corrupt profile (also a possibility since you're only seeing the issue when logged on) then the fix could very well be recreating your profile.

    Edit: reading another thread just now it appears that there are in fact remnants left behind after an uninstall. If the issue is a corrupt profile, which again seems quite possible based upon what you've reported, then it should be fixed by recreating your user profile.

  • I removed all user data, I tried to recreate my profile, I tried to log in Youtube in a guest window and still can't scroll (after I log in).

    Youtube layout looks different on Vivaldi tho. When I open a video, scrolling is divided between the video and the comment section on the left and recommended videos on the right so I can scroll independently (you can see the line that divides the screen on the pic below). In Opera or Brave where I don't have that problem, the Youtube layout is not divided. I tried to google for a new Youtube layout and how to switch it back but I couldn't find anything.


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