The new PIP icon is too noticeable, distract me a lot...

  • top-middle?

  • @yjs14 Please vote for existing feature request : Switch to disable picture-in-picture / video popout icon
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  • @Ornorm I am not so sure I want to disable it...

  • @yjs14 Ok. Could you then describe more precisely what you'd like to have by creating a dedicated feature request or you could want to take part of the discussion here Vivaldi 2.11 improves Pop-out video where I found, for example :

    @ZarkBit said in Vivaldi 2.11 improves Pop-out video:

    Couldn't have chosen a better spot for the pip button, why not in a corner?

    @Catweazle said in Vivaldi 2.11 improves Pop-out video:

    Great job, although yes, the button does not have a very successful location, it would be better in some corner of the video. But this is not so important either, it is welcome anyway.

  • There should be an option to just disable it, I know I am never going to use it.

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    @saudiqbal I use two monitors, so I have no use for PiP, but if it was implemented properly it would not be an issue.

    • The mouse cursor and video controls disappear after a few seconds, but the PiP icon remains unless the cursor is moved away from the video. If the PiP icon also disappeared it would not annoy me when watching videos.
    • The icon appears needless in fullscreen videos
    • The position is fine. To be useful it needs to be in your face so that users who don't know about PiP can learn about it.
    • The icon needs a tooltip on mouseover to say what it does
    • Before implementing this, bugs should have been fixed. Clicking the icon results in a black video popout window.

  • I've been waiting for this feature since starting to use Vivaldi. But it really is a very lack lustre implementation.

    An option to disable should've been there.
    Things like it showing on fullscreen or still showing even if the mouse is stationary over a video shouldn't happen.
    It doesn't work on many sites.
    It's placement is questionable. I think top right/left would have been better. And better again outside of the video frame, so it shows up like a tab of sorts.

    Opera and Maxthon have far superior versions of it.

    It probably should've stayed in snapshots, at least until most of the above issues were resolved.

    At this point, it's going to be an annoyance to me as well, as i'll still be using the PiPPY extension which works beautifully on all sites that i've tried it on. It's only failure is pages where there's multiple videos and it may not pop out the correct one.

    Frankly I think they'd be better off using the same implementation that PiPPY uses and just adding code to show the button on/next to the video. That alone would fix 3/4 if the issues above.

    Hopefully all these things get fixed on the next release.

  • @Pesala said in The new PIP icon is too noticeable, distract me a lot...:

    The position is fine.

    I disagree on this, I'd better like it on bottom right like other controls.

    Before implementing this, bugs should have been fixed.

    I can't be more agreeing on this 🙂 That goes for all other bugs that should be resolved before adding new features. But we know how things are with small dev teams.

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