SoundCloud and LastPass no longer working.

  • Hi everyone, I updated to Vivaldi (Developer Build) (64-bit) through auto installer. Soundcloud for sure worked fine last build, fairly sure that LastPass did too. Is anyone else having similar issues? Soundcloud is able to play one or two songs, but most are unable. I've tried disabling extensions; clearing browsing data; re-installing the PPAPI flash player and confirmed that it works on other browsers. Vivaldi is Chromium IIRC, I looked into it and apparently there are some licensing issues with Chromium and h.264 over HTML5, not sure if it's failing due to this but it was definitely working last snapshot. On LastPass' side, the extension works as normal for saved sites, but when adding a site all the buttons are failing (despite actually being HTML button tags) and the fields are empty. Not sure if the update broke some of the way chrome extensions work, or if it's something to do with the button tag etc. either way, is anyone else having any issues with chrome extensions? edit: I just saw a post about the password imports from firefox not working and was wondering if perhaps it's the field tags that aren't working. As a side note, the preview button didn't seem to work in the post editor for this forum either. edit2: I just checked the changelog and sure enough it was a codec issue 😕 there's a solution for Linux, will this get fixed or get a solution on Windows?


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