Right Click on Folder - "Save In"

  • I would like to be able to save the URL of my active page in a folder or sub-folder (on the bookmarks bar) by only right clicking on Folder and choosing "Save In" or "Save Page".

    This is an invaluable time safer for a bookmarks power user.
    As it is this feature exists in Opera and Chrome.

    alt text

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    @Franc I don't understand how this is different to Add Active Tab, which appears at the bottom of every folder and subfolder (although it would be more efficient to move the command to the top).

    If you want to add the active tab to a subfolder without opening it, the right-click menu option is already available.

  • It's exactly the same as "Add active tab"...

    Also, power users use Alt+B 😉

  • @Pathduck What's Alt-B supposed to do? It doesn't seem to be doing anything for me, and it's not one of the configurable default keyboard shortcuts either (so it's not something I've changed). But it's entirely possible I've overwritten it with something else that just does nothing in this context.

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    @bonetone Alt+B opens the Bookmarks Menu. Enable the function in Settings, Keyboard for Alt Key for Main Menu.

  • @Pesala Ah, yup, I've overwritten that. Strangely there is no key for the Edit menu. And didn't the default keyboard shortcut for settings used to be Alt-P? I see it no longer is and that is the help menu now. Like most of the actions, I've defined my own preferences for the shortcuts. But Alt-B was actually assigned to an extension, which would not react because its icon was hidden. Clearly, I don't make use of that often.

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    @bonetone You probably assigned Alt+E to some other function, but unless Alt+D and Alt+I are also assigned, one of those should work for the Edit menu.

    Edit Menu Access Key.png

    Use Ctrl+F1 to see a list of all the shortcuts that you have assigned in the Cheat-sheet.

    Yes. Alt+P used to be the default shortcut for Preferences (Settings), but it was changed to Ctrl+F12. Probably done to avoid conflicts for some languages.

  • @Pesala yeah, some others worked. What's weird about the edit is there is no underline in menu. The B is underlined it just doesn't launch that menu. The F in File is underlined but it launches another extension for me, one I occasionally do use but generally mouse it instead.

    Ctrl-F1 is not my cheat sheet, and it doesn't show the shortcuts defined for extensions anyway, which is why I initially was unsure what was going on with Alt-B. Although I've got two shortcuts assigned to the cheat sheet, I rarely actually use it. I've got an Excel workbook where I keep information on what I've assigned to various actions. I did create a few lists, ones mirroring the breakdown that Vivaldi uses (Window, View, Page, Tab) but I find a different grouping more intuitive (Tabs Management, UI & Navigation, Panels, Content & Features).

    The most useful worksheet for me, however, is the chart. It's just an easier way for me to visualize how I've organized my shortcuts, the associations between different actions such that certain types of shortcuts have meaning. Like Ctrl-Shift- being used for panel actions, adding Shift makes the reverse action happen (e.g. Close Tab, Reopen Tab, the typical cycle through tabs - shift reverses), adding Alt will do a related but different action (e.g. Close Tab, Close Other Tabs). Some actions get grouped around a letter but using different modifiers (e.g. all three various mute actions happen on some kind of M shortcut).

    So I print that chart out and tape it to the mantle that's above my desk. I do that with lots of cheat sheets. I've got 3 diagrams of my keyboard showing what is defined for each key in the various layers (soon to be 4 once I compile this new firmware I've been working on). I can do most of that stuff without referencing the sheets, but some of the less frequently used ones are helpful, and I definitely rely upon it for a few days after compiling a new layout. Plus, with no labels on any of the keys and a very different looking keyboard than people are used to, that helps my fiancée when she needs to work at my desk.

    Sorry, I got sidetracked there and rambled a bit. Keyboards are just too much fun. Glad I wasn't going crazy about Alt-P... that change must have happened in the past few months, sometime after October.

  • @Pesala

    Have you ever tried the "Add Active Page"?
    Because its not doing what its suppose to do. It does not save the page in the folder on which you right clicked.
    It saves it as a standalone bookmark on the bookmarks bar, to the far left corner of the bookmarks bar.
    Try it and you will see, it does work with folders.

  • @Pesala
    How am I suppose to use a shortcut on a folder nested in others folders on the bookmark bar? Again, you are making this cumbersome, just copy Opera or Chrome's "Add Site". How difficult can it be, I am been asking for this for two years now, since another thread. I am sorry for throwing a tantrum but I don't want to use other browsers anymore, just add this please.

  • @Pathduck
    Oh dear, really guys, have you ever tried using "Add Active Page", it does not safe the active page to the folder on which you right clicked, it saves it to the bookmarks bar as a standalone bookmark! It does not work with folders for some reason. This is easy Vivaldi, why are you not getting this right, this is suppose to be a poweruser browser.

  • Please Vivaldi, please guys. I have been asking for two years now.
    "Add Active Page" is not working with folders, it just pop the bookmark in the far left corner of the bookmarks bar.
    I don't want to support the other companies anymore, I hate how political Google have become. I hate the type of news Opera are spreading on its news apps. I really hate those companies, they are also geared towards the idiotic movement of needless minimalism. Every time I use their products I am deeply disgusted, please help me.

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    @Franc I have been helping on these forums pretty much every day since they began, so I should know how to add the active tab by now. It used to be at the top, which was easier, then some people complained so they moved it to the bottom, making it harder. So I started the linked feature request

    • To add a bookmark to a folder on the Bookmark Bar, open that folder and use Add Active Tab at the bottom of the folder.
    • To add a bookmark to any subfolder, open its parent, right-click and use Add Active Tab on the context menu.
    • Alternatively, open that subfolder, and use Add Active Tab at the bottom of it.

    The Bookmark Bar is the parent of all folders on the Bookmark Bar, that is why right-click, Add Active Tab anywhere on the bookmark bar adds a new bookmark to the Bookmark Bar.

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    The best method to add bookmarks, in my opinion, is to open the Bookmarks Panel, and drag the badge from the URL field, dropping it wherever you wish. Folders open on hovering the mouse cursor over them. D&D can be used if you miss the target, and F2 can be used to edit the Bookmark title, which is more efficient than right-click, edit on a Bookmark Bar folder.

  • @Franc said in Right Click on Folder - "Save In":

    Please Vivaldi, please guys. I have been asking for two years now.
    "Add Active Page" is not working with folders, it just pop the bookmark in the far left corner of the bookmarks bar.

    This is actually a different request than your previous thread. In that previous thread you were asking for the ability to save the active tab as a bookmark by right-clicking on a folder in the bookmarks panel. Not only can you do that now, you can also choose to save all open tabs as bookmarks.

    In this thread, you're talking about the context menu for items on the bookmarks bar. That's a different thing, but it does in fact work. It's called "Add Active Tab" though, not "Page". There are 3 general places one might want to create a bookmark:

    1. On the toolbar itself - If you right click anywhere on the Bookmarks toolbar itself, then the bookmark will be added to the root folder of the Bookmarks toolbar (whichever folder you have chosen that to be). This makes sense, if the toolbar is completely full of folders then there is no other space to click to create a bookmark in the root.
    2. In a folder that is displayed on the toolbar - If you right-click *inside* of a folder and choose "Add Active Tab" it will be saved inside that folder, so long as you don't click on a subfolder.
    3. In a subfolder - If you right-click on a sub-folder (or inside of it, so long as its not another folder) and choose "Add Active Tab" it will be saved in the subfolder.

    Right-clicking to bring up a context menu is not necessary, since every folder & subfolder on the Bookmarks toolbar contains an item called "Add Active Tab" which does the same thing. If you prefer to use the context menu for whatever reason, you can do so, you just need to understand how it works. This is described above, but to illustrate it better here are some screenshots (right-click in the area covered by the red X).

    Right-clicking on the toolbar itself is going to save it in the root of the toolbar.


    If you right-click on the folder's display (not it's location on the toolbar) then you can create it there using the context menu. (Once again, just don't click on a subfolder.)


    If in the folder's display you right-click on a subfolder, or right-click inside the subfolder's display, then you can create it in the subfolder. (Once again, just don't click on a subfolder.)


    This should get your sorted out. The functionality is all there and rather well thought out to deal with cases that were non-obvious to me at first. In fact, after working through all this, I now understand the need for the Add Active Tab item being displayed as part of the folder. A browser not including this (or some other mechanism besides just the context menu item we're discussing) will fail in at least one scenario to provide the user with the ability to create a bookmark in a specific location in the bookmarks toolbar.

  • @Pesala said in Right Click on Folder - "Save In":

    The best method to add bookmarks, in my opinion, is to open the Bookmarks Panel, and drag the badge from the URL field, dropping it wherever you wish. Folders open on hovering the mouse cursor over them. D&D can be used if you miss the target, and F2 can be used to edit the Bookmark title, which is more efficient than right-click, edit on a Bookmark Bar folder.

    @Pesala I agree that the easiest way to create bookmarks is to drag & drop them on the bookmarks panel. If all one wants is the current page, then I also think the easiest thing is to drag & drop the badge from the address bar -- you're certain to have the correct page. To create many bookmarks at once, you can either select the tabs you want and then drag & drop from any of the selected tabs and that will create a bookmark for each of the selected tabs in the target folder, or you can click on a tab stack and drag & drop that to the panel. It is this latter way, using the stack, that I frequently create numerous bookmarks (50-200+) in a single action.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @bonetone

    Dragging and dropping is not the easiest way, not in a long shot, especially with folders and sub-folders. 90% of the replies here are about workarounds that exist, I don't want a workaround, I just want a simple, quick solution. Are all feature requests greeted by cumbersome workarounds? In my OP I explained why and I gave a screenshot. I also explained "Add active page" does not work as its suppose to work. Adding this feature, or getting "Add Active Page" right should not be a difficult challenge.

    Please Vivaldi.

  • @Franc In your opinion it is not. We all work differently, what's "easiest" for one is not "easiest" for another.

    The other 10% is a detailed explanation that your feature request already exists with instructions on how to use it to create bookmarks in the 3 places one might create a bookmark.

    You want an "Add Active Tab" in the context menu that saves into the folder. That exists, I took the time to create screenshots for the 3 classes of where you might create bookmarks in the toolbar. You can see in my screenshots that this thread is bookmarked several times -- all of those bookmarks were created by right-clicking and choosing "Add Active Tab" in the context menu. If you're doing what I described and not getting the bookmarks created inside the folders, then there's a bug effecting your setup. The feature works on my system.

  • @Franc said in Right Click on Folder - "Save In":

    In my OP I explained why and I gave a screenshot.

    See my third screenshot, it is the case that corresponds to your screenshot. Are you saying that when you right-click on the subfolder "Must Know" you want the bookmark created inside its parent folder Reddit, or on the toolbar instead? Or that it is being created there? That would be a bug. Currently, based on your screenshot, the bookmark would be created inside Must Know on my system.

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