Tab pinning

  • It's strange how the tabs don't stay in place after I pin them, they're kinda all over the place discombobulated in the pinning area, which messes up some of the tab position in the regular tab area, some just disappear and then flicker back for a sec so it's inconvenient to unpin them. Am I the only one having this bug issue? :huh:

  • I see gaps between tabs when i open new ones. this happens when i pin or stack tabs together
    Some tabs go out of reach to the left of the screen and i cannot open them anymore with mouse
    I will have to use keyboard.
    This sucks. Makes the TP4 version of this cool browser difficult for work

  • TP4 is old now. Always download the latest Snapshot to keep up to date with the latest bug fixes and improvement. TP4 is for users who need something fairly stable.

  • Moderator

    And then as soon as you do, you'll lose the ability (for now) to stack pinned tabs and to create or refresh speed dial thumbnails. BUT, you'll gain a good deal more.

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