Apple | 1.5Tb Ram | Chrome

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    Contest | Apple vs Chrome

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    OMG! 6 Tsd tabs open need 1.5 TeraByte. 😱

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  • It's something I could never understand about modern browsers and memory management: Why would a page taking up about 3MB of resources (code, images etc) take up a whopping 80MB of memory?

    Even allowing for 4x that amount to allow for uncompressed images in memory, what explains the huge overhead?

    • Developer laziness?
    • "Memory is cheap so why not use it all"?
    • Performance is better using lots of memory?

    We see a lot users with huge number of tabs open here, and while some are technical enough to know there's a limit to how much memory you can use on your system, many just don't understand this, and have all kinds of issues with performance, hangs, disk space etc etc.

    Someone able to give a technical explanation of this?

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    A little bit disappointing that there was no comparison with other browsers in that video. While other browsers generally use less RAM to load pages, that doesn't mean that they fare well when opening thousands of them. Especially interesting to see where the breaking point is for different browsers (he said that Chrome was still very responsive at 5000 tabs, so while each tab uses a lot of RAM they don't seem to require a lot of other resources).

    He did say that he might compare a few different browsers in another video if people are interested, so let's hope for that. 🙂

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