Vivaldi will not open

  • @Pathduck Thanks. I had no idea there was any other security software running. I was aware there must be a lot of redundant services, but knowing which ones to remove and which ones to keep is another matter. I presume most of these have been kicking around my machine for some time. I did add Vivaldi to exclusions in Avast without benefit. I will have a crack at some of your suggestions here.

  • @coracleman Good to hear. I'm pretty sure that for most of the ones I mention, you can disable their autolaunch with no problems. There's a great tool called Autoruns which lets you see everything that launches on boot and disable it from starting.

    For more invasive stuff like iTunes and IBM Trusteer it might be harder to disable their background services without actually uninstalling it all. I know Trusteer is required by some banks to use their services, but it seems much too invasive and apparently causes all kinds of issues with other software. Honestly, if my bank forced me to install that crapware, I'd seriously consider switching banks.

  • it happened to me with the last update. Yestarday I did it and it is freezes my computer and it's slow.

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    @taraletti Hi,
    Thanks for reporting this issue, and sorry for the trouble!
    This sounds like an issue caused by Symantec Endpoint Protection/Norton antivirus.
    Unfortunately Symantec has not yet fully fixed the problem. Previous versions of Vivaldi worked because we had disabled a feature ("RendererCodeIntegrity") by default, due to this issue. The feature was re-enabled in Vivaldi version 2.10, after Symantec claimed it was fixed on their end, but unfortunately this fix was not comprehensive enough.
    For now, you can use this workaround to let you run the latest version of Vivaldi, until a proper fix is in place:

    Please keep an eye out for Symantec/Norton updates as well, in case they release a fix.
    I hope this helps, we will continue looking into this on our end. Thanks for your time and for using Vivaldi!
    Best wishes,

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