Vivaldi will not open

  • I Vivaldi more or less since its release on a Windows 10 64bit laptop without trouble. I've been keeping it updated with official releases. The last few weeks it will not open. I have tried from different icons and the start menu search. The egg timer flashes up twice and that's it. With the task manager open you can see it opens up 4 instances of Vivaldi (looking at the processes window) which disappear again as quickly.

    I have tried updating from a fresh download and have now uninstalled (presumably losing the personalising stuff) and reinstalled from a new fresh download. No good.

    The laptop has been playing up a bit, I sometimes have to start without checking driver signatures, but this significantly predates this problem. Any ideas? Other browsers do work. I am posting this from Edge.

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    @coracleman Let me guess. You're using Norton or Symantec as your Antivirus.

  • @Pesala I will let you guess, but the answer is no. I use Avast and have done for most if not all the time I've used Vivaldi.

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    @coracleman Uninstalling and reinstalling, if you are lucky, did not touch your profile. It also will not affect whether Vivaldi opens.

    If you rename your profile folder, however, you might find that it suddenly opens.

    Otherwise, if you are at a business and your company uses Symantec Endpoint Protection, that could be the cause of it.

    But in most cases, if you rename the "Default" folder, your problem is fixed, and with no data loss.

    In the past, Avast! has bricked Vivaldi more than once, even after allowing it to run for long periods before a particular update. But it's been a while since it did that. But try renaming the Default folder, and let us know what sort of result that produces.

  • @Ayespy - Thanks. I need more help though.

    The profile folder: is that in a Vivaldi folder? I tried renaming that one, it just resulted in two folders, one with my new name and one still called default. Still not opening. Do I now need to delete one of these?

    As for the profile folder. Where do I find that please? I can't see it in the Vivaldi folder.

  • Sorry -

    The profile folder: is that in a Vivaldi folder? - should say Default folder.

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    @coracleman The Vivaldi\User Data\Default folder is your profile. Look where it says "Profile Path" in the pic below.

    2020-02-11 15.46.05 version 408ac02f98ba.png

    If renaming this did not result in your being able to open the software, then something else on your system is blocking it. And that is what is happening. Something on your system is PREVENTING Vivaldi from opening. It's not something Vivaldi is doing (if it were internal to Vivaldi, renaming the Default folder would 99.99% of the time fix it).

    So the trick now is figuring what on your system is actively blocking Vivaldi.

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    @coracleman And when you rename the Default folder, then creating a new Default folder is exactly what Vivaldi is supposed to do. The old one you renamed should have all of your personal profile data in it, of which the important parts can be copied to the new folder once normal function of the browser has been restored.

  • @Ayespy
    useful to know, thanks. Is there much hope of identifying what is actively preventing Vivaldi doing its stuff?

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    @coracleman It will be something related to "security" on your machine. Such software may have to be disabled or (at least temporarily) uninstalled altogether to find out what it is.

  • Sadly it looks like Vivaldi will be losing a user. If I can't open it I can't use it. I've tried turning off security and it still won't open.

    Ironically updater is working and during the process I installed the latest version. It said the installer would close Vivaldi - is this a standard message as obviously Vivaldi was not open. This is a great loss for me as I like Vivaldi and the philosophy behind it very much.

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    @coracleman Yes, that's a standard message.

    I'm sorry no one here can reproduce your problem. You are, at the moment, the only user we have record of, who cannot open Vivaldi, and has not reported one of the known causes (such as Symantec EPS).

    I should mention that "turning off" security does not turn it off in most cases. With 3rd-party security programs, they usually must be uninstalled to stop interfering.

    I don't know if you have tried white-listing Vivaldi in Avast! but that's the only other thing I can think of at the moment.

  • @Ayespy - Sometimes being unique is not good it seems. Uninstalling did not help I'm afraid, but I think white-listing is a bit beyond me. Still thanks for trying.

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    @coracleman You could go on line and learn whitelitsting in Avast!'s help pages. It's rather straightforward.

    The problem with Vivaldi isn't so much that it's unique, but that it's not Edge, Firefox or Chrome. We are being slowly forced into a monoculture where people will be able to choose any browser they want - so long as it is Chrome. I even have a financial service I have accessed on line, and it did fine with Vivaldi. However, they have changed something with their web page, and now it rejects my sign-in on Vivaldi, but sails right through with Chrome. To my mind, that treatment of a minority browser is evil.

  • @coracleman Just FYI I use Avast (Premier) as well and I've never had issues with it blocking Vivaldi from launching. But third-party software is definitely the prime suspect in such cases. In addition to the Norton/Symantec issue, I remember a user having parental control software installed they didn't even know about (or had forgotten), and this just blocked Vivaldi from running.

    In addition to submitting the vivaldi exe to be whitelisted, there are a couple other things you should try:

  • @Pathduck ``` - output from tasklist

    (c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Image Name                     PID Session Name        Session#    Mem Usage
    ========================= ======== ================ =========== ============
    System Idle Process              0 Services                   0          4 K
    System                           4 Services                   0    299,720 K
    smss.exe                       368 Services                   0      1,152 K
    csrss.exe                      656 Services                   0      4,544 K
    wininit.exe                    772 Services                   0      4,564 K
    services.exe                   908 Services                   0      6,672 K
    lsass.exe                      952 Services                   0     15,576 K
    svchost.exe                     84 Services                   0     20,284 K
    svchost.exe                    580 Services                   0     11,664 K
    svchost.exe                   1080 Services                   0    104,680 K
    svchost.exe                   1180 Services                   0     43,956 K
    svchost.exe                   1240 Services                   0     15,176 K
    svchost.exe                   1248 Services                   0     29,048 K
    WUDFHost.exe                  1324 Services                   0      6,568 K
    RapportMgmtService.exe        1360 Services                   0     23,164 K
    svchost.exe                   1412 Services                   0     27,720 K
    IntelCpHeciSvc.exe            1492 Services                   0      6,828 K
    dasHost.exe                   1528 Services                   0     15,816 K
    svchost.exe                   1772 Services                   0     27,176 K
    atiesrxx.exe                  1796 Services                   0      4,804 K
    igfxCUIService.exe            1888 Services                   0      7,308 K
    svchost.exe                   1232 Services                   0     17,772 K
    spoolsv.exe                   2016 Services                   0     13,856 K
    ibtrksrv.exe                  2324 Services                   0      5,848 K
    mDNSResponder.exe             2332 Services                   0      5,444 K
    ETDService.exe                2340 Services                   0      4,348 K
    D4.exe                        2360 Services                   0      2,044 K
    svchost.exe                   2372 Services                   0      8,604 K
    svchost.exe                   2388 Services                   0     22,992 K
    DbxSvc.exe                    2460 Services                   0      4,616 K
    armsvc.exe                    2468 Services                   0      5,100 K
    EasyLauncher.exe              2480 Services                   0      6,476 K
    svchost.exe                   2564 Services                   0      7,208 K
    RichVideo64.exe               2584 Services                   0      5,264 K
    RealPlayerUpdateSvc.exe       2600 Services                   0      8,620 K
    rpdsvc.exe                    2616 Services                   0     15,828 K
    AppleMobileDeviceService.     2668 Services                   0     13,468 K
    svchost.exe                   2676 Services                   0     17,200 K
    SWMAgent.exe                  2896 Services                   0     17,116 K
    svchost.exe                   2740 Services                   0      5,456 K
    PresentationFontCache.exe     4244 Services                   0     18,744 K
    PhotoshopElementsFileAgen     4648 Services                   0        936 K
    WmiPrvSE.exe                  5320 Services                   0     10,300 K
    SearchIndexer.exe             6200 Services                   0     40,932 K
    AvastBrowserCrashHandler.     7072 Services                   0         96 K
    AvastBrowserCrashHandler6     6432 Services                   0        180 K
    DropboxUpdate.exe             7484 Services                   0      3,356 K
    RapportInjService_x64.exe     7648 Services                   0      5,520 K
    IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe          7172 Services                   0     34,496 K
    GoogleCrashHandler.exe        7444 Services                   0        112 K
    jhi_service.exe               8100 Services                   0      4,964 K
    GoogleCrashHandler64.exe      6880 Services                   0        184 K
    sedsvc.exe                    5080 Services                   0      6,912 K
    NASvc.exe                     7412 Services                   0      7,184 K
    wsc_proxy.exe                 8688 Services                   0      8,896 K
    AvastSvc.exe                  5632 Services                   0     56,764 K
    aswidsagent.exe               6728 Services                   0     47,048 K
    unsecapp.exe                  1868 Services                   0      6,372 K
    csrss.exe                     6688 Console                    2      8,500 K
    winlogon.exe                  6816 Console                    2      9,776 K
    dwm.exe                       4412 Console                    2     41,128 K
    atieclxx.exe                  2960 Console                    2      8,984 K
    ETDCtrl.exe                   3540 Console                    2     16,880 K
    EasySettingsCmdServer.exe     9616 Console                    2     13,884 K
    RuntimeBroker.exe             8420 Console                    2     42,288 K
    sihost.exe                    9460 Console                    2     20,616 K
    ETDTouch.exe                  5640 Console                    2      4,972 K
    ETDCtrlHelper.exe             5020 Console                    2      8,332 K
    igfxEM.exe                    1860 Console                    2     10,848 K
    igfxHK.exe                    6924 Console                    2      8,224 K
    igfxTray.exe                  6936 Console                    2      9,524 K
    explorer.exe                  5308 Console                    2    100,372 K
    RapportService.exe            5872 Console                    2     20,400 K
    igfxext.exe                   6296 Console                    2      7,276 K
    TabTip.exe                    3240 Console                    2     12,100 K
    TabTip32.exe                  7624 Console                    2      3,808 K
    RapportInjService_x64.exe     4600 Console                    2      5,644 K
    SettingSyncHost.exe           5072 Console                    2      3,052 K
    RAVCpl64.exe                  2804 Console                    2     11,364 K
    RAVBg64.exe                   6496 Console                    2     10,200 K
    RAVBg64.exe                  10016 Console                    2     10,172 K
    iCloudServices.exe            3404 Console                    2     43,504 K
    iCloudDrive.exe               6332 Console                    2     25,156 K
    update_notifier.exe           1212 Console                    2     15,104 K
    AvastUI.exe                   2248 Console                    2     96,488 K
    netsession_win.exe            9768 Console                    2      8,432 K
    netsession_win.exe            9976 Console                    2     12,284 K
    SynciosDeviceService.exe      4408 Console                    2     11,936 K
    D4.exe                        6040 Console                    2      1,936 K
    CLMLSvc_P2G8.exe              3944 Console                    2      9,600 K
    realsched.exe                 4276 Console                    2        216 K
    rpsystray.exe                 9400 Console                    2     16,308 K
    APSDaemon.exe                 3472 Console                    2     15,372 K
    rpbgconverter.exe             2212 Console                    2     11,536 K
    svchost.exe                   9464 Console                    2     21,644 K
    ShellExperienceHost.exe       9404 Console                    2     51,200 K
    IAStorIcon.exe                2988 Console                    2     33,336 K
    CCleaner64.exe                1984 Console                    2     27,204 K
    fontdrvhost.exe               7100 Console                    2      2,388 K
    secd.exe                      6232 Console                    2     22,280 K
    opera.exe                    11432 Console                    2    149,548 K
    opera_crashreporter.exe      11460 Console                    2      8,364 K
    opera.exe                    11796 Console                    2    143,316 K
    opera.exe                    11812 Console                    2     41,292 K
    opera.exe                    10516 Console                    2     17,692 K
    opera.exe                    10880 Console                    2     26,076 K
    opera.exe                    12052 Console                    2     16,176 K
    opera.exe                    11308 Console                    2     55,684 K
    opera.exe                    11260 Console                    2     31,136 K
    opera.exe                     7016 Console                    2     76,988 K
    opera.exe                     1516 Console                    2     40,064 K
    opera.exe                    11568 Console                    2     27,048 K
    opera.exe                      420 Console                    2     40,816 K
    opera.exe                    12084 Console                    2     30,284 K
    opera.exe                     4328 Console                    2     26,948 K
    opera.exe                    12228 Console                    2     60,768 K
    dllhost.exe                   8340 Console                    2     14,628 K
    ApplicationFrameHost.exe     11852 Console                    2     20,308 K
    SystemSettings.exe           12100 Console                    2     36,888 K
    opera.exe                     8908 Console                    2     79,880 K
    opera.exe                     8160 Console                    2     30,120 K
    opera.exe                     4116 Console                    2     41,004 K
    opera.exe                     5828 Console                    2     58,884 K
    opera.exe                     4232 Console                    2     42,752 K
    opera.exe                     4796 Console                    2     28,104 K
    AvastUI.exe                  10180 Console                    2     30,520 K
    SearchUI.exe                 10288 Console                    2    115,364 K
    dllhost.exe                  10384 Console                    2      7,512 K
    opera.exe                     5800 Console                    2     38,652 K
    opera.exe                     4532 Console                    2    146,856 K
    opera.exe                     8508 Console                    2     37,520 K
    opera.exe                     4756 Console                    2     30,124 K
    WUDFHost.exe                 10492 Services                   0      7,048 K
    AvastUI.exe                  10504 Console                    2    151,648 K
    Taskmgr.exe                   6056 Console                    2     43,208 K
    opera.exe                    10808 Console                    2     87,732 K
    audiodg.exe                  11372 Services                   0     13,204 K
    cmd.exe                       9636 Console                    2      3,428 K
    conhost.exe                  10004 Console                    2     15,424 K
    opera.exe                     1920 Console                    2     26,960 K
    tasklist.exe                  3480 Console                    2      7,236 K
    WmiPrvSE.exe                  2144 Services                   0      8,160 K

  • @Pathduck - sorry I can't upload the result of net start as it is thought to be spam and is rejected.

  • Moderator

    @coracleman Perhaps you could upload a screen shot of it? Try again. I just gave you some more reputation, which may improve your upload privileges.

  • @Ayespy output of net start
    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]
    (c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>net start
    These Windows services are started:

    Adobe Acrobat Update Service
    Adobe Active File Monitor V11
    AMD External Events Utility
    Apple Mobile Device Service
    Application Information
    Avast Antivirus
    Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    Background Tasks Infrastructure Service
    Base Filtering Engine
    Bluetooth Support Service
    Bonjour Service
    CNG Key Isolation
    COM+ Event System
    Computer Browser
    Connected User Experiences and Telemetry
    Credential Manager
    Cryptographic Services
    Cyberlink RichVideo64 Service(CRVS)
    DCOM Server Process Launcher
    Delivery Optimization
    Device Association Service
    DHCP Client
    Diagnostic Policy Service
    Diagnostic Service Host
    Diagnostic System Host
    Distributed Link Tracking Client
    DNS Client
    Easy Launcher
    Elan Service
    Function Discovery Provider Host
    Function Discovery Resource Publication
    Geolocation Service
    HomeGroup Provider
    Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Service
    Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service
    Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel Service
    Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology
    Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) 4.0 Radio Management
    IP Helper
    IPsec Policy Agent
    Local Session Manager
    Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant
    Nero Update
    Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup
    Network Connection Broker
    Network List Service
    Network Location Awareness
    Network Store Interface Service
    Plug and Play
    Print Spooler
    Program Compatibility Assistant Service
    Rapport Management Service
    RealPlayer Update Service
    RealTimes Desktop Service
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    RPC Endpoint Mapper
    Security Accounts Manager
    Security Center
    Sensor Monitoring Service
    Shell Hardware Detection
    SSDP Discovery
    State Repository Service
    SW Update Service
    System Event Notification Service
    System Events Broker
    Task Scheduler
    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    Tile Data model server
    Time Broker
    Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
    User Manager
    User Profile Service
    Windows 10 Update Facilitation Service
    Windows Audio
    Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
    Windows Connection Manager
    Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework
    Windows Event Log
    Windows Firewall
    Windows Font Cache Service
    Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
    Windows License Manager Service
    Windows Management Instrumentation
    Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache
    Windows Remediation Service
    Windows Search
    WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
    WLAN AutoConfig

    The command completed successfully.


  • @coracleman Thanks for the information.

    From a quick glance at the process and service list I can tell you're running the software IBM Trusteer (Rapport). People have reported issues with their extension but not sure if it would stop Vivaldi from running. I would still try to uninstall/disable it and see if that helps. It's a security service so it would definitely be a prime suspect.

    I would also try to stop/remove some of the more unnecessary services, like various processes for Realplayer (does anyone really still use Realplayer?), Adobe, Dimension4, Cyberlink, Nero, Dropbox, and a whole bunch of Apple services like Bonjour etc. Not only will these services slow down your machine, it could also cause compatibility issues with other software. At the very least to exclude them from being the cause just stop them.

    You're also running update_notifier.exe which might cause issues when reinstalling Vivaldi so I would end it as well before attempting a reinstall.

    Did you try to add Vivaldi to the exclusions in Avast?

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