Few things I've spotted so far from a new user

  • Hi guys, Love the idea of Vivaldi, and am excited to see it develop further. Thought I'd post a couple of minor things I've spotted so far that I feel are worth mentioning. Firstly, hotkeys defaults I noticed when editing pages in Confluence (an enterprise wiki). [ul] [li]Ctrl-Left/Right[/li] This is used to quickly move around text in a textbox normally, but causes navigation in Vivaldi. Not the best choice... [li]Ctrl-Z[/li] This is for undo for text entry, not for re-opening the last tab! [/ul] Easy enough for me to solve, but surprised at the choices! Secondly, I want my homepage to be the new tab page and there seems to be no option for this. Have tried a few internal page guesses, but no luck. Oh, and vivaldi://newtab seems to go to some Chrome homepage thing... Another thing I have noticed... in Opera open in new tab opens on the right of the current tab. In Vivaldi it opens on the far right. I think I prefer the former... Finally, as others have requested, and I know you're working on, the features I'm waiting for before it becomes my main browser are: [ul] [li]Chrome extension buttons[/li] [li]Moving tabs with the mouse to new or existing browser instances/windows[/li] [/ul] Hope this helps, and keep up with good work! Cheers, Westy

  • Welcome to the forum westy!

    If I understand 'new tab page' right and you are talking about the speeddial page, the posting of rkzn could be interesting for you. You can find it here.

  • Thanks!

    Hmm, doesn't work for me.

    Interestingly, if I navigate to chrome://dummystartpage (without the querystring) it works if just put it in the browser.
    If I set that as my home page though, and press home it navigates to vivaldi://dummystartpage and errors.

    Edit: Just updated and works fine now. Thanks!

  • For the shortcut problems it shouldn't happen; shortcuts can be context depended, i.e. undo text modification when you are modifying text and reopen a tab when you are not. It's probably your Confluence app that is not recognized correctly as an edition form.

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