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  • Everytime I start Vivaldi the panel is open, not any whole panel, just the bar down the side. Tapping F4 gets rid of it, but is there any way for it's default state to be set as hidden? I don't think panels in Private Window make sense the way they are either. I know it's not implemented yet, but having Mail and Contacts in a private browsing window does not make sense, nor to a lesser extent do Bookmarks or Notes.

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    Here, on Windows 10, Vivaldi remembers the window position, size, and panel state when I am using "Startup with Last Session."

    What platform are you on, and what startup option do you use?

  • I'm on Windows 7, using build (The latest one). I'm using the "Startup with Start Page" option, I don't want to use the "last Session" option as I don't want all the pages I had open in the previous session to open when I open Vivaldi.

    I do want the UI elements to be the same each time I start though, I'm hoping there is somewhere I can set the "Show panel" toggle to default as "Not Shown", rather than "Shown" or "Last Session". Either in vivaldi://settings/, vivaldi://flags, or somewhere in ~\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\

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