A couple small suggestions

  • Really been loving the browser and I'm loving the options presented in the settings, but I'm of the persuasion that more options is always better! First off, an option to change where new tabs open in relation to the currently open tab would be very nice. This is pretty minor, but if you have a ton of tabs from a ton of sites opened, having new tabs constantly open all the way at the end gets a bit annoying. Having an option to place them next to the current tab would be great, unless that's already there and I'm blind. Secondly, having an option to allow popup windows as it seems that the browser likes to redirect all variety of sub-windows like the dashboard on hitbox.tv into new tabs rather than popup windows. And finally an option to change the new tab to open certain webpages or a local page would be great. While I have to say the speed dial page is great and has a lot going for it, leaving the option open would be very much appreciated.

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