Switch to disable picture-in-picture / video popout icon

  • MOD EDIT: Option is already available in the most recent snapshot.

    It's found as a checkbox under Settings > Webpages > Picture-in-Picture Button on Videos.

    Please add a setting switch to disable the picture-in-picture / video popout overlay icon.

    The icon can be quite irritating in certain situations. Especially stuff like short "GIFs" (actually MP4s) on Twitter/Tweetdeck:

  • Yeah, I don't think they thought this one through enough, but after all, this is to be expected when using snapshot releases.

    No worries, just make it an option, and we'll still have double-right-click.

  • Should it not only show on hover?

    Another option is to have it show on the edge of the video, top right like a little tab instead of overlaying it.

    Or an option for both.

  • This topic is not meant to be about what scenarios justify the icon, and how it could be tweaked even further.

    There should simply be an option that it should never show for people who choose so. And if those people should really use that feature occasionally, it is always accessible via right-click anyways.

    There is no scenario when I would ever want an intrusive icon over a video, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • Please add an option to disable the icon. Im getting confused every time my mousecursor hits an video and the icon appears.

  • Came here just to find out why I can't make this go away.

  • People, this is a snapshot!
    If you not aware of unfinished features, regressions, lost settings and whatnot use the stable version.
    Many user jumps in cycles to have this feature now.
    I don´t need it, I don´t like it but it is there and need to finished.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin said in Switch to disable picture-in-picture / video popout icon:

    People, this is a snapshot!

    And this is a request for a feature 😉

  • @Pathduck
    Ooops, and I vote for it already. doh

    Cheers, mib

  • This feature is now in normal non-snapshot update, is there still no way to disable the button?

    I already use different extension to do the same & more (Enhancer for Youtube) and they seem to interfere, when I go full screen the Vivaldi PiP icon stays in middle top until I move the mouse in fullscreen to make the UI reappear after which it disappears.

    A simple checkbox in settings to enable/disable the feature would suffice.

  • Upvoted
    It is indeed something that must have an option to disable. I myself (and may others) do not use PIP, IMO it is one of the most annoying things around. It is also already noted on other sites, like on Softpedia: "Unfortunately for those who might find it annoying, especially if they rarely use picture-in-picture, there’s no option to disable this icon, so here’s something that Vivaldi needs to resolve in the next updates. Also, you can’t drag the button across the screen to move it to a different location, so it always stays there in the center of the video. I can’t stress enough how important it is for the browser to come with an option to disable the PiP button, especially as Vivaldi itself has until now impressed in terms of customization options."

  • Now it released like that, and this thing is beyond annoying and I've never ever used picture-in-picture anyway.

    IMO this shouldn't be part of the browser in the first place. This is extension territory.

  • It is absolutely ridiculous that they went through with the update without fixing this.

  • I wouldn't go as far as call it ridiculous, the feature has its uses, but as pointed out before, seeing as Vivaldi prides itself on its customisation it's baffling something like this was implemented without a toggle and even more baffling is the complete silence form the dev team on the issue.

    For now on my "production" machine I've downgraded last version without this feature.

  • This is not snapshot anymore!!! its in stable release I also want this thing disabled or button to turn it of please. I opened a post here regarding this


  • Vivaldi didn't incorporate a disable switch or turn off button anywhere. I might have to switch browsers because of this. I will wait a little bit but I'm not patient person i like my things the way i set them. SO COME ON 😲 😲 😲

  • So THAT'S what it is! I thought some extension was causing it!

    This really needs to go away ASAP, it's annoying, in the way, and doesn't even seem to work properly for me (I just get a black screen when pressing it).

    And worst of all it doesn't auto-hide every time! I'm on an OLED, I really don't want this thing to burn itself into my screen if I'm not careful. 😛

  • Add option to hide pop-out video button (something like if mouse hover more than 3 second then hide button)

  • So there's no option for that yet ? Me sad... This is a cool option but the icon is too annoying imo.

  • Extremely annoying button. 😠

    There USED TO be a way to disable this in Vivaldi... or maybe I'm thinking of Opera...

    I know I saw it a while ago... possibly a couple years... and someone gave me the info on how to disable it... but of course, now I can't find it! 😞

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