Easier pop out video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1811.3

  • How do I get off notification on the bottom right screen of vivaldi?
    I'm getting youtube/twitter popups now

    It look like a chrome browser feature that was enabled in this version, but without the option to actually edit in vivaldi settings

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    @ruario marijuana cake :B

  • @archive1
    Hi, type chrome://settings and search for notification > switch off.
    Since a while Vivaldi has this in settings > webpages.

    Cheers, mib

  • @redfinito said:

    So yeah, I am incredibly irritated and angry by it because it has completely interrupted my work day.

    So, you're using a snapshot release as your work browser then get irritated and angry when something doesn't work as expected? Sounds like poor decision making and a horrible use-case.

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    @redfinito Sorry for the trouble.

    You may not know about the differences between a Stable and snapshot? 👀 https://vivaldi.com/de/blog/snapshot-vs-stable/

    A Snapshot is a tester version which may have new issues and features. Sometimes and rarely this will break your settings. If you use a Snapshot version, please read the changelog before updating/using – and if you are very concerned about data loss, please make a backup of your browser profile before upgrading.

    Again thank you for using Vivaldi.

  • @redfinito before talking about others behavior check yours first.

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    @redfinito said in Easier pop out video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1811.3:

    I have absolutely no issue with bugs and have been using the snapshot version of Vivaldi for years.

    Nobody is holding you back from using the test version of the software, but you have to keep in mind that there's always the risk that something unpredictable can completely interrupt your work day.
    While the "stable" version of the software isn't completely "bug-free", it usually reduces (or even eliminates) that risk.

    @redfinito said in Easier pop out video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1811.3:

    And, those "known issues" were not displayed in the upgrade window as they usually are. I always read those and I often don't install a snapshot because of them.

    But you do realize that there could also be an unknown issue that can be just as disruptive as any of those "known issues"? In fact, that's why these Snapshots are for - users can test them to find and report issues that might've not been spotted (or even encountered) by the developers, as sometimes an issue can occur in very odd/specific circumstances.

  • Nice to have the pop out button without an extension.
    It would be nice to have volume controls in the pop out video.

  • @rabe85 How about Cursor Buttons? [Down] is quieter - [Up] is up.

  • I would like to note that a Known Issue not captured above in the Known Issues list is that the following (VB-61700) still fails in "vivaldi-snapshot_2.11.1811.3-1_amd64.deb" and remains a showstopper:

    VB-61700 -- "2.10 gives totally blank window on remote display"

    I tried this running Vivaldi 2.11.1811.3 on both Ubuntu 18.04.4 and Debian 10.2 (Buster) sending to another X11 display on the local network. A completely blank window still results on the X11 display, which makes Vivaldi inoperable (can't even view the address line or any GUI widgets, nothing).

    I know this issue has not yet been targeted and is not expected to have been fixed in 2.11 so far. I am, however, making noise in hopes that this squeaky wheel may receive some grease soon... 😉

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    @mmhere If that would be true as you tell us, Vivaldi would have got many, many bug reports.
    This is not a showstopper as remote X11 usage of Vivaldi does not apply to most users.

  • Dear Vivaldi,

    How you gonna introduce a pop-out video feature without the option to disable it? A feature I never use now displays an icon on every video and I once again have to shift my browsing habits. Where before I could place my mouse cursor on the video and have it disappear instead of having the cursor outside the video as a distraction, now I have to move my cursor completely off the screen just so I don't have the pop-out video icon as a distraction.

    What gives, fam?

  • @Vividal It is the first Snapshot with this feature. No doubt this issue will be fixed, along with others like the button showing for MP3 Audio players.

    Please see How to Report a Bug

    This link is now on the Help menu, Report a Bug.

  • @ice007: Doesn't work. The buttons interact with the visible page, not with the pop out video.

  • @pesala: I didn't consider this to be a bug; just a WIP (Work in progress) feature.

    modedit removed language, added text to acronym

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Easier pop out video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1811.3:

    @mmhere If that would be true as you tell us, Vivaldi would have got many, many bug reports.
    This is not a showstopper as remote X11 usage of Vivaldi does not apply to most users.

    [a] it is true. the failure occurs

    [b] Vivaldi received multiple reports, which are logged as the single bug: VB-61700 -- "2.10 gives totally blank window on remote display"

    [c] it is a show stopper for me

    I'm just trying to keep the focus on it as displaying an X11 client on another machine's display is a standard thing that all Linux (unix, for many years, for that matter) programs do -- it is therefore quite disconcerting that this stopped working and is not fixed after being first reported in late December,.

  • @gwen-dragon: I think the poster was referring to the same thing I did, above ^^. Can you add the volume control and the video position slider to the P-in-P window?

    Opera (for one) used to have this, and it disappeared recently. I guess that was a Chromium base code change, but if Vivaldi were to put it back in I think it would make a lot of video viewers VERY happy.

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    New version: Vivaldi 2.11 RC 1

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