Is Vivaldi Mail NSA-Proof/Private?

  • I care a ton about 2 things in a webmail A. Aesthetics, which the new webmail provides very well B. Stored in private email servers, I'm like Hillary!

  • If you are interested in privacy and security, you could take a look into the thread Spy Code on Linux. There are generally discussed some aspects of software security and especially the lack of it. Even the NSA is mentioned in this post. 😉

  • Hi, Vivaldi Mail servers are located in Iceland, that's really nice because of the data privacy laws there.
    I'm also sure they don't sell anything to other cooperations / third parties and they not close buddies with NSA like for example Microsoft 😉 But there are some things which could be improved, they were already mentioned, such as the seperation of the mail adress and username .
    Hope Vivaldi Team can release an seperate Privacy policy statement about Vivaldi Mail ( for example about: scan because of spam detection, profiling ….. )
    Trust through transparent communication with the community has a masive effect on perception of the wider audience 🙂

    The 5 best countries to host your website for data privacy - No.1 Iceland

    1. Iceland
    Despite its economic issues following the Global Financial Crisis, Iceland is well-known for its strict data privacy laws. In addition to its excellent connectivity to both Europe and North America, Iceland’s Data Protection Act in 2000 took great measures to ensure the government of all of 300,000 people followed strict protocol to protect privacy. While Iceland has adopted the Eurozone’s privacy regulations – which are undoubtedly better than those in the United States, it has gone a step further and gotten rid of more stringent requirements to maintain data. Encrypted communication services like operate from Iceland. And Kim Dotcom recently announced that he would move to encrypted Mega file service to Iceland if New Zealand passed anti-privacy laws.
    Iceland is building a “free speech zone”, with companies dedicated to preserving the privacy of individuals and business. Some of my friends have moved their web hosting to Orange Host in Iceland since the company became our favorite pro-freedom web host.]

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    " No matter where the servers are located - unless the message was encrypted before being sent - there could be no privacy and/or "NSA-proofness" "

    Quite correct.
    One must remember that the Path is as important as the server location.

    From my understanding, Any email passing through a server based in a country (or its protectorates) which is monitoring emails can be scanned (since it is regarded as passing through their property).

    The way the internet is constructed, with hubs and nodes all over the world it is highly unlikely that your email will get to/from Iceland without passing through a server (or servers) in one of these countries. Current treaties and agreements also allow sharing of scanned data between some countries or blocks of countries.

    Storage is another matter. I am not sure how long email data is stored on these servers (hubs and nodes). Probably not long. Just enough time for some Three Letter Acronym to suck them into their data/server farm.

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    Like any email service, use an email client for security and the web portal for convenience.
    Use IMAP not POP3, so you can use an encrypted connection.
    Get a free email certificate or add a PGP plugin, so you can pre-encrypt messages before they are sent.

  • The NSA hacks undersea cables in various parts of the world. It does not matter what the ISPs do wrt storage rules.

    For a bad time 😠 , just google NSA undersea cable hack

    For where the cables are, google undersea cable map

  • Vivaldi Translator

    :whistle: I live near 1 of the compromised transatlantic sites.
    It was a simple matter of putting the right people in the right jobs in the right buildings.
    Nothing trick or fancy, and all the time in the world.


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