Breaking language barriers

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    One English teacher has truly transformed the way he interacts with his students and how his students learn English. All by using Vivaldi. Let’s take a look!

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  • 1st
    That is an interesting way of using Notes

  • If there were some way Vivaldi could implement some kind of note sharing, then that would eliminate the need to have to share a user account. An interesting story, though. Necessity truly is the mother of invention.

  • @dbouley: Ability to use the OS's built share option might work for that (like a right click on a note or multiple notes that are picked, or a dedicated share button). That is a good idea there.

  • It's great people get creative and find new ways to use Vivaldi's sync, but I don't get this example. In the pictures notes are used as a dictionary, you could just use any dictionary instead. But besides that, taking advantage of any chat application such as discord should be easier and more straightforward than Vivaldi notes. And I reckon even a shared cloud storage like Dropbox would be easier to use than a browser feature. There are so many ways to do this, but I couldn't imagine going for this specific solution.

  • @luetage Well they do say its a "unique" and "novel" solution, not that they recommend others do it that way.

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