Tab cycling: opened order

  • Both "tab order" and "recently used order" feel uncomfortable for me, especially when closing tabs. What I'd like to see is something along the lines of: - you have two parent tabs, first one is focused: [b][parentA][/b][parentB] - you open a few child tabs from parentA in background: [b][parentA][/b][pAchildA][parentB] ↓ [b][parentA][/b][pAchildA][pAchildB][parentB] - you now cycle through tabs with ctrl+tab/mousewheel: [parentA][b][pAchildA][/b][pAchildB][parentB] ↓ [parentA][pAchildA][b][pAchildB][/b][parentB] ↓ [parentA][b][pAchildA][/b][pAchildB][parentB] - now you start closing tabs, starting from the active one: [parentA][b][pAchildA][/b][pAchildB][parentB] ↓ [parentA][b][pAchildB][/b][parentB] ↓ [b][parentA][/b][parentB] The important part, for me, is that closing tabs jumps to the one you opened last. Otherwise vivaldi always jumps to the parentA tab, and I have to go to the child tab manually every time. This reduces my browsing efficiency drastically, so I'm sticking with chromium for now. P.S.: This feature request also includes "open tab next to current" option which I saw being suggested before, but hasn't been implemented so far.

  • @Soukyuu:

    The important part, for me, is that closing tabs jumps to the one you opened last. Otherwise vivaldi always jumps to the parentA tab, and I have to go to the child tab manually every time.

    Welcome to the forum!

    With the setting 'Cycle in Recently Used Order' within Tab settings your important part is implemented already. My Vivaldi version: (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)

  • Thanks for the welcome. However, as I said, that option does not do what I want. With cycle in recent order, it goes like this:

    ↓ open pAchildA
    ↓ open pAchildB
    ↓ focus pAchildB
    ↓ close pAchildB

    It will only jump to pAchildA if I have clicked on it before, but I have not. What I want is

    ↓ open pAchildA
    ↓ open pAchildB
    ↓ focus pAchildB
    ↓ close pAchildB

  • This is actually the main issue that stops me using Vivaldi.
    It will be great if this can be fixed soon.

  • I have vivaldi installed and update it regularly but dont use it because of this issue .. hope they fix it 🙂

  • Same here. I tried to switch, but the tab order - behaviour is the main issue, why i can't use it.
    Also tried extensions like "simple tab order", but they didn't work like promised.

  • I recently changed from Opera 12 to Vivaldi full time a week ago and the inability to change the tab order is the only thing pushing me back to Opera. I truly miss minimising a tab.

  • Same here, the tab order is driving me crazy! Such unnecessary waste of clicks!
    And I keep trying to minimize tabs in Vivaldi because it's such a great Opera 12 successor that I forget it's not the original 😉
    I hope this feature will come back in the near future!

  • Like many, not being able to switch to last used tab is holding me back from using Vivaldi. "Cycle in a recently used order" is cycling in some order that is other than recently used. Is this considered to be working as intended or there is planned work to be done on this?

  • Have a look at Snapshot 1.0.352.3

  • @TbGbe:

    Have a look at Snapshot 1.0.352.3

    I have. I don't see it addressed there. Can you be a bit more specific?

  • This behaviour is bugging me too.
    Here are a few steps to replicate the issue

    • open a new vivaldi window
    • go to
    • ctrl + t to open a new tab
    • go to
    • on, middle-click some links to open them in the background
    • now ctrl + w (or mouse gesture) to close the current tab (
    • the focus will swtich back to the last viewed tab ( and not to the tabs to the right (neither the tab exactly to the right, or the last opened tab) as desired

    This makes opening multiple tabs in the background really awkward, since you have to open them, and keep clicking/ctrl+tabbing on each unless you want to close all the other tabs previously opened on the Vivialdi window.

  • @Briarned:

    I don't see it addressed there. Can you be a bit more specific?

    By "take a look" I only meant that there are changes to tab opening - right of current or last.
    Thus, Vivaldi are working on these things. However, tab closing has not been changed yet (still in progress).

  • @RRR13:

    Let me see if I understand what you guys want.
    Regarding recently used order, you want open in background tab to behave like this: open in foreground tab AND switch back to the tab from which the new one has been open?
    So a checkbox for this option would be enough?

    Old Opera worked this way: if I either close or click on (minimize) currently active tab, browser switches to the tab that was in focus before this and so on. This is the functionality that I would like to see.

  • @RRR13:

    What do you mean by "in focus"? Is a tab "in focus" if it has been opened in the background and never clicked?

    Also, I don't know how it worked for you in Opera, because I remember it behave exactly like Vivaldi does, and I had to do a "swipe" through the new tabs with keys 1 or 2, so I can set a recently used order that would allow the behavior that Vorlon described.
    Maybe there's some option that I didn't enable? Do you have the old Opera around so you can tell me what settings you have for this? I'm curious what is different from what I used to use in Opera.

    Sorry, I was not being precise enough. By "in focus" I mean active, in foreground tab.
    I have not used pre-Blink Opera in years, but from what I recall, there was a setting to minimize active tab on single click. There is a Firefox extension that duplicates Opera's functionality in this regard: TabDeque Perhaps it's description is clearer than I can explain.

  • @RRR13:

    Now, I'm really confused
    That is exactly the behavior I get in Vivaldi. Last active tab is activated when I close the current one. I don't get the demented behavior from the new Opera.
    Am I missing something here?
    Can you please put here some steps to reproduce the issue?

    Wait… what version of Vivaldi are we talking about here?

    Also, I think you and Vorlon are asking for different things.

    I just checked. When you are closing an active tab, previously used tab becomes active. This is correct functionality. However, when you are trying to go to a most recent using tab without closing the currently active one by using Ctrl+5 (Default for Previous Tab (Recent) setting) it seems to switch to the least recent tab. So the order seems to be the reverse of what it should be.
    In addition, if we could switch to the recent tab by clicking on the active tab (Old Opera allowed this), that would be a great productivity enhancer for the more mouse oriented.

    Edit: I am on 1.0.357.5 (Beta) (64-bit)
    I agree, I think Vorlon and I are reporting different issues. Sorry about the confusion.


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