Improved full screen tab casting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1805.3

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    This snapshot fixes issues with the address bar, tab casting, extension popups and a regression with panels.

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  • Vivaldi Team

    @aronand: I feel like some cheating may have happened here

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ruario: a magician never reveals his tricks!

    1. Broken double-click on the note (should open note URL).
    2. Broken click on a download completion notification (should open Explorer with a highlithed file).
    3. Broken deletion of a part of URL from Address Field (it was already fixed long time ago).
    4. VB-59501 is still there.
    5. Why did you change a position of the Notes thumbnails when Side Panel is wider than a certain pixel number (was under the note, now - right side)?
      Win7SP1, Native Window = on.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @Aronand ILLUSIONS!!

  • Crashes on Windows after restart. It runs if I run it as an administrator and not as the current user who has some css SD modifications.

    update: syncing is causing it (while uploading), without sync it loads up fine.

  • Poor Olli... awww so cruel 🐻

    Has anyone reported the bug with changing the panel icon order? I saw it was mentioned last time so I assumed it would be fixed by next snap as it's such an obvious regression.

  • I still can't get the Desktop/Tab to cast, it says source is not supported, at least for my setup. Youtube is still the one source I can find to be working, although behavior seems slightly modified, now I need to also press the video/play button for the cast to start; when I press the popup with the TV name it only opens the YT app on the TV; fairly sure the last snapshot would automatically play the video too.

    I would generally put the lack of cast abilities on my PC not having wireless, but it does seem that specific limitation has been overcome, at least for Youtube (or Google apps with accounts? unsure how it works, but it does seem to be Google account linked, while casting a full browser page would likely require wireless since there's no way I know of I can link Vivaldi to the TV).

    Maybe somebody with wireless PC/TV combo can test, I'm curious.

    Annotation 2020-01-29 224927.png

  • (Still - like in previous release) black screen when some (not all) video is visible at the website in this release.

    Workaround: scroll down website and back to normal when video doesn't visible in screen, turn off video or close tab.

    Example: steam page -

    ps. imgur page too, streamble page too

    After using this test audio/video website some video with same extension works, other dont.

  • Question: The extensions icons stand tough together. Can a .css script put them wider apart? If so, what would be the script text?

  • Relocating the Webpanel icons still doesn't work. I've reported this bug allready.

  • Moderator

    @t0yz: I've been casting with Vivaldi since it's available. It works just fine over wireless. But the new fullscreen functionality is still broken for me.

  • @Christoph142 Thanks.
    Must be the lack of wireless part then, although I am not fully convinced. It's interesting how Youtube gets past it though, since I tried it logged out of all accounts, yet somehow Vivaldi can "see" that there is a TV connected to the router, even in a private tab, fully signed out. When I shutdown the TV, Vivaldi doesn't find any devices to stream on. Very peculiar.

    The config I have is PC-->LAN cable-->router-->5GHz wireless-->TV. They're not linked in any way other than being connected to the same router, one through the cable and one through 5GHz wireless.

    I guess I'll consider one of those WiFi USB "sticks", since the computer is pretty new and powerful.

    By the way, what can you cast through wireless? Anything that's in a Vivaldi tab? Even normal webpages? Or are there any limitations, if yes, is there some sort of documentation for this?

  • [bug?] can't modify comments of comment (nested comments?) of facebook's posts, anymore
    do this:

    • comment a comment of a facebook's post (did you get it? 🙂
    • press "modify..." to edit your nested comment

    You'll see that "modify..." command is simply ignored by Vivaldi: nothing happens.

    anyone confirms?

  • Moderator

    @t0yz: Yes, you can cast every web page. It's basically screen mirroring of any tab's content.

  • Guess it's time I buy a wireless USB stick thing. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Most items are displayed in English when the language is Japanese

  • @pathduck: same here.

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