Import from opera 12

  • Hi there, Thanks for a great browser Is the import function being worked on currently?? I really need this to work before making the jump from Opera 12. Particularly import of notes (yes I can deal with the bookmarks another way) Cheers Keith

  • As nearly as I can tell it's still not possible to import 'Notes' in the Linux builds. I hope they get that and sync fixed soon.

  • You rules Corey, Thks 🙂

  • @coreymwamba:

    I wrote this:

    hope it helps!

    Thanks, Corey. Sorry for the late reply. I hadn't checked in in a while.

  • Is the import supposed to work otherwise? It didn't for me, at least it did not change my speed dial or bookmarks; it also caused it to write the error message:
    [1481:1510:1107/] sqlite error 2067, errno 0: UNIQUE constraint failed: logins.origin_url, logins.username_element, logins.username_value, logins.password_element, logins.signon_realm, sql: INSERT INTO logins (origin_url, action_url, username_element, username_value, password_element, password_value, submit_element, signon_realm, ssl_valid, preferred, date_created, blacklisted_by_user, scheme, password_type, possible_usernames, times_used, form_data, date_synced, display_name, avatar_url, federation_url, skip_zero_click, generation_upload_status) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

    This is on 32-bit Linux, File->Import Data->From Opera 12.x.
    I tried it again but got the same or similar message many times.
    I tried File->Import Data->Opera Bookmarks and found bookmarks.adr, which also didn't change anything.

  • Upon further playing around with the settings, it seems that it did import a list of usernames and the websites they go with. Just not bookmarks and Speed Dial.


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