• Guys, I get it. There are people with malicious intent out there. People who want to hack others with website exploits and similar.
    But your overcautiously limited version of a word-press blog prohibits everyone from creating anything remotely useful.
    You need to allow javascript and meta, allow plugins.
    Otherwise people will just move to another platform and you won't get traffic from blogs in the long run.

  • Moderator

    I would prefer custom CSS as a first step before any javascript and plugins.

    Is there a plugin that you specifically need/want? Perhaps the vivaldi team could use it if it looks like it would be helpful for all users.

  • Community Manager

    @GlennLink we are actually fighting spammers on a daily basis who are misusing Vivaldi services. As @LonM suggested feel free to suggest some plugins, we're happy to evaluate them. 🙂

  • Google Analytics, for starters. Inspectlet.

  • I have to agree with Mark on this one. There are some really powerful plugins for WordPress, but first and foremost, I think the Vivaldi community should remain focused on blogging. When I visit other people's blogs, what I'm really looking to do is read what they have to say about certain topics; sharing their ideas. You don't need anything fancy for that and I'd rather not have to deal with media rich blog content. Text and perhaps a photo or two is all I'm looking for.

    But that's just me and what I'm looking for in a blog service. I guess I just define "useful" as something different.

  • Community Manager

    @GlennLink we'd rather rely on a more privacy conscious analytics instead of using GA. We have testing Matomo recent WordPress plugin which is currently in Beta and it's not working yet with our multisite setup. We're still looking at other alternatives. If you know any, feel free to let us know. 🙂

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    I think that the Vivaldi blog is what it is, a free service for Vivaldi users with the freedom to use it for particular purposes or / and related to Vivaldi. Using it for commercial purposes would not be very suitable, starting with the Vivaldi logo of this blog. I suppose it would not be a problem to add some more functionality, but those who want to have a page or blog for others or commercial use will surely find a number of other platforms on the network, both free or paid, with all the necessary tools to create a site for any purpose.

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