Is Linux more secure than Windows?

  • The difference between Windows and Linux/BSD is the catastrophic lie about Windows being "easy to use" and "for everyone". Pretty much the same as Android nowadays. Both Windows and Android are usually run by "user" as "root" and this for the simple reasoning that it is better marketing when the "user" isn't asked anything, doesn't have to learn anything. Same goes for updates, that must be silent, goes for configuration that must be automatic, and so on. The ideal device requires zero intervention by the "user". It is a lie because the real effect is the "user" doesn't know how the device works and what happens at any given moment. I think the very concept of "security" doesn't make any sense, for the same reason "fake news" don't make sense. It is the "authorities" the first and biggest threat for the "user" and they are also the main source of "fake news". This is the reason why nobody wants people to have the right tools in their hands and the knowledge to properly use them.

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