Problem with DDG search engine or Vivaldi

  • @bonetone ...... thank you sir for all your help ....... I have done the following from your advice ....... changed my phrase on DDG to something really weird and I can remember ....... set both Vivaldi and DDG to get ....... made a copy of DDG search engine and added it to my Vivaldi Start Page which is also my speed dial page and everything seems to work fine now ....... I can jump back and forth using my mouse again ........ by the way I only store History for one day on Vivaldi ........ and I am the only one using this laptop ....... anything else I should try ........ if not many thanks for helping and ol' man (74) who is not so computer literate .... LOL

  • @hdmule right on, glad you got everything sorted out and configured the way you want it. Just FYI, the POST vs GET privacy issue isn't just about the local machine. With your search being in the URL, it is exposed on the wire as well and gets stored in server logs that can expose it to more people. While POST doesn't magically secure that info, it does obscure it, and it would take more effort and more of a targeted attack to reveal what you're searching. All things together, it's a modest but real decrease in privacy vulnerabilities.

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