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    Are you a blogger? Well, we just made a fantastic update to our blogging platform. Here we tell you how you can make your posts more visual, and more.

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  • It's all well and good, but the Gutenberg editor has not exactly been positively received in much of the Wordpress community. It would be good if an alternative was available, like the official Classic Editor plugin.

    Yes, we can choose the Classic "block" but it would be better if it just defaulted to the Classic style for those who wanted it.

    I do hope that over time Vivaldi will become a huge community much like the old Opera community was, it was always interesting to see what people from all over the world used the blogs for.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pathduck: Since we're all about choice at Vivaldi, you should now be able to switch to the Classic Editor. Look for the setting in the Wordpress admin page under Settings > Writing.

  • @thomasp Thank you! That was fast 🙂

    By the way, I notice we can add an Akismet key. This is good, but you can't really rely on users to obtain their own keys (for $12 a year), and you'll end up with a lot of spam comments. Unless you're doing your own spam filtering on the backend?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pathduck: You can sign up for a personal account to get the key, there they ask you how much Akismet is worth to you per year. ($0 being an option)

  • @pathduck said:

    (...) and you'll end up with a lot of spam comments.

    I don't use Akismet but have entered some stop words in the default settings. Since November 2019 I've got 53 SPAM comments so far and apart from 3 they were all captured and the rest was easy to detect and delete before they were published (I moderate the comments in my blog). That's not too much to maintain manually - but, depending on the topic of the blog, the numbers might look different for other blogs ...

  • @isak Ah yes, you're right, I forgot I actually chose to pay 😂

    I think it's a good idea you use a site-license or do some filtering yourself to avoid the worst spam. Can't really expect regular users will sign up (even if free), or even know what an "API key" is 😉

  • - Ambassador -

    FYI the initial "private" post that is created when starting your blog is created as a public/published post, not private as described.

  • Who can answer basic questions about the following features available within the Gutenberg/Wordpress/Vivaldi integration ?
    a) is it coorect that each blog has a number of pages... (any limit?)
    b) is it correct that each page can have a number of blocks? (any limit?)
    c) is it corect that each block can have one gallery? (can it have more?)
    d) is it possible to add videos and GIFs within the squares of a gallery?
    e) for changing the sequence order, I understand that blog entries as 'posts' of blocks can be displayed in different sequence order by changing the date, but can the same be true for changing the sequence order of:
    f) pages, (or how to do this?) and
    g) galleries within a block? Or how to do this?

    answers and insights most welcome and grealy appreciated..>!

  • Vivaldi Team

    a) Yes. There is no limit.
    b) Yes. There is no limit afaik.
    c) Yes. Each block can have one gallery.
    d) Yes. It's possible to add GIFs.
    e) Yes.
    f) When editing a page, change the 'Page Attribute' called 'Order'. Entering a low number will show it first and entering a higher number will show it last.
    g) You can drag and drop the order of any block or change the order by clicking the 'move up / move down' buttons.

  • All this is cool, but what about promoting blog that i've created? You wrote about replacing the SEO plugin with a more customizable one. Can you please explain this point in detail and indicate whether it is possible with the help of your SEO plugin to research competitors' data and based on the data obtained, build a strategy for promoting my personal blog? Can you please tell us what are the keywords of the ad Domain / URLs are ranked in paid and how organic searches as well as keyword research is done?

  • Based on my experience, I can say that the new SEO plugin from vivaldi is quite practical, convenient and with its help you can try to successfully promote your blog so that more and more people read it. Regarding your question about competitor analysis, I can offer you a special tool geared towards this, which I use With it, you can see which keywords your domain / URL ads are ranking for in paid and organic search, get ranking data segmented by period, get a complete list of competitors for a specific search query, and much more.

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