Upvoted icon status isn't very clear, it's difficult to identify

  • First off, congratulation on the new BLUE forum design!

    After browsing through the new forum design for a bit I think there are too much blue on some places. One element that I think need a bit of tweak is the blue upvote button, IMHO it's status is unclear & difficult to differentiate in plainview. I think the problem is both upvoted & neutral status also consist of blue & white color, just inverted.

    My suggestion is neutral status should be grayscale color; then upvoted status should have larger icon to make it more obvious to viewer. This changes will prevent confusion & easier to identify during quick browsing.

    CSS to test my suggestion:

    .votes > a:not(.upvoted) > .fa {filter: grayscale(1);}
    .upvoted > .fa {transform: scale(1.5);}

    Thanks for your time & support.

  • Thank you for the update, now the forum upvoted post is much easier to notice!

    Here is another idea hope you will consider, un-vote function for upvoted post should also have a simple visual feedback. I suggest something like this:

    .votes .upvoted, .votes > a:hover > .fa { transform: scale(1.2); transition: .13s .1s;}
    .votes .upvoted:hover {transform: scaleY(-1); filter: grayscale(1);}

    Thanks again for your hardwork.

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