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    Listening to Google's pronunciation, I think I understand that the last syllable is the stressed syllable.
    It is an oxytone, although it is not an easy way for English speakers, whose predominance of pronunciation is overwhelmingly proparoxytonous, unlike French, among which oxytone is an overwhelming predominance.
    If I am not wrong in these observations ...
    Among so many, is valid I may continue counting on general and generous tolerance.👶🏽

  • The duplication of vowels, in English, if my observations are not wrong, is predominant with "ee" and "oo"; "aa", perhaps rare; and "ii" and "uu" probably nonexistent.

    Although the first one always would keep the same pronunciation, "oo" varies as, for example, in "good" / "mood", "blood" / "flood", I get the impression that the very sharp and piercing sound of "ee" would constitute the syllable, where it is located, always the stressed syllable, regardless of the number of syllables of the word.

    Since this is "chit-chat" and I'm idle ...

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    @JoaBravo "ee" is, indeed, almost always the long sound of the name of the letter "e" (heel, bleed, free), except, for instance, in some words borrowed from languages like Dutch, where it may be what English-speakers think of as the long "a" sound, as in play.

  • Partially plagiarizing a notable user:

    Hello everybody,

    Since "my" contents sometimes achieve the magic of transcending their apparent reach, thanks mainly to the alchemy of some blessed ones who receive them, I will add something about this topic.

    The greatest magic in this topic came from the post by @Zalex108 . Because of the signature, perhaps was opened to me the most transcendental and important opportunity for me to divulge the most important disclosure that I have affixed here and elsewhere.

    In my response to him, I stressed "Fraternidade". As this seems to me worthy of reaching as many knowledgeable people as possible, also giving opportunity to those who become aware of benefiting themselves ineffably, I repeat here the answer I gave to @Zalex108 , so that this disclosure does not stay limited to him, but can achieve greater dissemination.

    Brasil (Brazil) also has this aspect of being sharing the vanguard for an Ideal world, not with material, economic-financial growth, but in the search for the Highest, through peace and comprehensive solidarity that is not limited to the human kingdom, but extends to all kingdoms of nature

    Fraternidade - also in English and Spanish. - see page's footer.

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    All can be reconnected to the source 🙏🏽


    One of the biggest Greenland, which has a meaning.

    There is a tale about Macuxies tribe and Hollow Earth.

    [Can't give proper English links, for now most I've read and watched is in Spanish language.]


    That means an elevated consciousness level on all that region and people.

    There are many more related stories about South America and all over the world.

    🌍 🌎 🌏 🌐 🌟
    Mars Exploration - CIA

  • Be one more slight touch to me about it.

    For those who will listen in English:

    After a slight scroll at scroll bar "The communities-of-Light are not... " text only, in Portuguese with English subtitles.

    The Marian Centers - video - also in Portuguese with English subtitles.

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    I use the IM Translator extension. With this I have 4 translators (Google, Microsoft, Yandex and its own) at my disposal and I can choose the translation that best fits.

    Extending a little my previous response:

    Already. at your case, it is very valuable. Your ambit of acting and technical abrangence is much larger than mine.
    The two responses you gave in Local Portuguese with intervention from my part had been very close from the Portuguese that we, native ones, use.

  • - Ambassador -

    @JoaBravo , it's not that my technical understanding is bigger, I just like to check several things and keep the best. This over the years has filled my markers and the notion of the best software for every need. In this way I have also stayed with Vivaldi as my main browser.
    That my interventions in Portuguese were successful, it is not so strange either, although I do not master this language, being a Spanish speaker if, being a related language, I can at least distinguish whether the translator has been more or less successful. In the Russian, Japanese and Chinese subforums I have also posted, although without being able to verify if it was understandable, which luckily has been the case.

  • @JoaBravo said in Fireworks!:

    The greatest magic in this topic came from the post by @Zalex108 . Because of the signature, perhaps was opened to me the most transcendental and important opportunity for me to divulge the most important disclosure that I have affixed here and elsewhere.

    I will insert three more additions in this excerpt. And so, I intend to end my comments on the subject.

    There will be three different testimonies about the approaches of this spiritual movement of three individuals. All three approaches took place because of the Apparitions.

    1- Austrian - an impressive, lucid and comprehensive testimony of David - subtitles for 4 languages, including Spanish and English.

  • 2-Peruvian - Evaristo - Remnant guardian of transcendent pre-Columbian Inca indigenous consciousness?

      • Attention, please - narrated in Spanish available "closed caption CC" - Portuguese and English - please, don't forget activate for English if this is your language. It's of extreme worth. - -

    I can't resist declaring myself fascinated by the ineffable beauty of this video.

  • 3-USA - Mount Shasta, (CA) - Cindy - An incomparably beautiful lady .

    • subtitles Portuguese, Spanish, English - those who are listening in English, perhaps will be needed to change to "CC" - English when the excerpt of the Message from Christ will be pronounced.

  • Finishing the excerpt of the excerpt, on my part.

    Great and old spiritist movements. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam and subdivisions in the religions arising therefrom. None of them would be the main, the exclusive. Perhaps the unification of all of them, from the recent past onwards. It would be ecumenism, for now.

    Words of the Holy Virgin Mary, from my memory:
    The paths to Enlightenment are numerous. All of them contained in the Prayer.

    Or the direct with God alone. Words of Saint Joseph and my poor translation into English:

    "The consecration must be between the very soul, the very spirit and God.
    None interference on Earth should keep them away from possibility to launch in the abysses of delivery to Creator."
    Incredible resemblance to something read in Paul Brunton, according to that I also have from memory.

    As I had said somewhere, some time ago : Behind cliffs there are cliffs. "Wings" can sprout.

    @Zalex108 -The more I thank you for your signature, the less it seems to me that I am being excessive doing like that.

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    Nice testimonys and places.
    Nature is One of God's aspects.
    The being is cleansed and recharged.


    Christ as Master,
    One of the main sings of Consciousness on any "movement".


    @JoaBravo said in Fireworks!:

    the unification of all of them

    You will be surprised if you try Sahaja yoga.

    The Brazilian website if more comfortable.

    There's an easy exercise to experiment it.
    You can feel what's written.

  • @Zalex108 said in Fireworks!:

    Also about Tatunca Nara - Spiegel.

    The Marian Center named "Figueira", Minas Gerais (State where I live) , Brazil, is considered by the spiritualist community that has been present in its formation and still persists, as the material counterpart of a more subtle **intraterrestrial center, called "Mirna Jad". The same with "Aurora", Uruguay.

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    Mirna Jad is maybe another city, place or name on the Agartha's Land.

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    Just found a list of Intraterrestial cities:

    I "know" about few of them.
    About others, they are special places, some of them related to UFO sightings.

  • The fireworks have already accomplished their mission. Celebratory, first. Promoter soon after. The fireworks, as callers of attention, have already fulfilled their mission and even surpassed it.

    So, in this context, I finish my comments on this disclosure.

    Who knows afterwards, in a new topic to be launched?

    With the indispensable and never too many thanks to @Zalex108 ...

  • Perhaps the most exasperating of this time is the excess. There is excess for everything, including the scarce.

  • I still add one post in that topic, because it says respect to my country and shows there is an organization, "Fraternidade...", that searches put in practice the spiritual teaching that was learned and to bring it to all around.

    Indigenous people banished from their national land (with subtitles in Portuguese, Spanish and English Languages)

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