• Again, a new inclusion. I am thrilled and admiring the FRATERNIDADE ...

    And internally "humbly -proud" seeing that a spiritual movement, generated in my country, starts to respond, as it must be, the teaching of the Divine Emissaries

    Helping refugees in the State of Roraima

    On time Subtitles in Portuguese and English.

  • The "proud-humble" is not yet exhausted. One more example. Subtitles in English.

    Delighted and grateful for some dear German votes.🙏🏽

  • @JoaBravo said in Fireworks!:

    Delighted and grateful for some dear German votes.🙏🏽

    French also attended. I'm very happy.

  • @JoaBravo We read your posts and topics, you know. 😉 I wrote «we», bacause I think I'm not the only one.

  • @hlehyaric

    Thank you. You are the only "français" identified with whom I have the grace to interact, even if only through these Forums.

    Thanking you as if were collective people, I wanted to homage all the French people through yourself. One deserves the other, mutually.

  • "FRATERNIDADE - Fraternidade – Federação Humanitária Internacional"

    I have confessed me an admirator of this Institution, created and based in Brazil, my birth country.

    For those who may share my admiration and interest goes below the web main page, in which there is in the headers links for matters in English and Spanish.

  • Oh, "FRATERNIDADE - FHI"! God want to keep you, preserve you, bless you! May He not allow you to slip through misdirections, which unfortunately everything is subject to in our world.

    May the love and dedication you have for Him, demonstrated by unimaginable expressions of performance, can only go in His Direction and only in that Direction to express yourself.

    See the article below and say whether or not I have reasons and reasons for formulating these votes. It is one of the numerous magnificent performances of pure love, now made by the Uruguayan branch of the entity:

    (Please don't click on the link pointed to continue in the final of first part. For reading both the links click on the links pointed out below by me)

    Vitório e Aleluia 1

    Vitório e Aleluia 2

  • I think that, while writing about the entity "Fraternidade - FIHF", I am doing something more valuable than all the things that I normally do when my days normally pass.

    It all started at the initiative of the city of Lavras, through its own city hall, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, under the name "Parque São Francisco de Assis".
    The community of "Figueira", located in the vicinity of Lavras, in the municipality of Carmo da Cachoeira, naturally in the same state, dedicated to trying to develop spiritualization towards God, started to become more and more deeply involved with "Parque São Francisco de Assis ", until it assumed it, as it is now.

    Then, I add a video that points out a summary of all the immense act of love that this union has achieved - subtitles in English.

    At the end, there is an invitation to see the entire content in the indicated site. Hope this provokes many visits, under God's grace.

    I'm very very happy with myself for doing it .🧑🏽

  • Pantanal do Nabileque

    Landscapes and jungle of the "Amazon" of my country through images collected by the Spiritual Movement that I try to follow ...

    Impressive. Disturbingly beautiful. Worrisome.

    In the current situation, because of the way we human beings always conduct things, unhappy and highly worrying.

  • A world of things to say and explain. I won't do any of that. I'll just try to show it.

    See how the Brazilian organization "FRATERNIDADE..." is trying to carry out, in a practical sense, what the Apparitions of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph recommend to them.

    Listen in our language, with images of our country, people from here, with English subtitles.

    I think it is admirable, it is worth spreading and making more people aware of it.


    I cannot contain my pride (here, in a good way) for knowing that this is happening in Brazil, under my beard, and that I am bringing all of you to share with me and to smile with me.

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