Now - The Ability to Sort Bookmarks in Native Vivaldi

  • I just downloaded and installed Snapshot - Bookmarks Sorting. <[color=#88ff44][/color]> Back in February I had talked about I had talked about the lack of sorting because I had probably 400 or 500 Opera bookmarks that I could not get sorted after I imported them into Vivaldi. The idea of sorting by hand (even after reading Ayespy saying that is exactly what he had done) was just not a viable option as far as I was concerned. I have gotten used to Speed Dial and the bookmarks I am now using. As I see a web site that I want to be able to access in the future, I just bookmark it and put it into one of my Speed Dial folders with easy access. My current Speed Dial ( Bookmark) setup is much cleaner than my old Opera Bookmark collection. I had really let it get out of control. After I installed this latest Snapshot, I went into Opera and got ready to finally import all of my old bookmarks and saw that most of them were obsolete for my purposes now. I will probably do a "save" of my current User Default, import and sort all of those Opera bookmarks in Vivaldi, just to have them. I will then revert back to this User setup, and just save the Opera bookmarks elsewhere. I really appreciate the ability to sort my bookmarks, but I am very happy that I was forced to clean up my collection. UPDATE: After importing all of my Opera bookmarks, I checked the difference in the size of the bookmark file "before and after". Before the bookmarks import my file was 134kb. After the import, the bookmark file size jumped to 1.3mb. That is a 10 fold increase in file size. However I didn't notice any appreciable downgrade in loading or responsiveness. I may just leave my current setup as it is. I can always revert back to a saved User Default folder or a previous saved Session if I see a slowdown or other problem.

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