Family-Friendly Jokes Thread

  • During a lesson about adjectives, an elementary school teacher, asked her students to describe their mothers. One boy described his mother's hair as auburn. The teacher was happy and asked, "How do you know her hair color is auburn?" and Her student replied, "Because that's what it says on the box."

  • Hello Pesala and Everyone
    Which one does not belong?

    dog , cat , sock
    dog , cat , ball of yarn
    dog , cat , chicken
    cat , chicken , egg
    cat , ball of yarn , sock
    sheep , sock , dog
    sock , foot , shoe
    cow , shoe , cheese
    cheese , cow , sheep
    cheese , foot , ball of yarn
    foot , ball of yarn , mile
    foot , dog , yard
    dog , yard , cat

  • @i_ri Hello i_ri


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