Videos on wont play

  • see: The videos on wont play, but in Google Chrome with the same settings like Vivaldi and same extensions the videos work without problems. Can someone confirm the same issue?

  • Sorry, but I can't.
    The videos on both links are starting to play without any glitch. I didn't continue to look till the end but only about a minute per video. Nothing seems to be wrong.
    The system I tried this with was Debian 'Jessie' (XFCE desktop) with Vivaldi (Entwickler-Build) dev (64-Bit) and these are my plugins:

    This is just the standard after installation.

  • Hello RJules3,

    thank you for your answer. Its weird, here it really doesn´t work. My System is Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 64 bit, i use the newest snapshot version (Entwickler-Build) dev (64-Bit) and i have deactivate all extensions, just the plugins are activated, but as u can see in the photos below, i have an other version of the flashplayer, i have version 18 and you have 17. But can that be the problem? O_o i dont know… on other video sites (except Netflix) i have no problems with the flash player. And with Google Chrome Browser it works too.
    What can i do now? 😞

  • No Problems here. same flashversion 18.xx. Your from germany?

  • @RocknRolf:

    No Problems here. same flashversion 18.xx. Your from germany?

    Thank you. Yeah, i am from germany. Here it didn´t worked. So i have done a fresh reinstall now and tried again and now it works. 🙂
    Really weird. I dont understand what was the problem. But happy that it works now. Thank you for your answers 🙂


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