5 things you should know about dark mode

  • Why not use "filter invert" which is already included in 'page actions'? It works better if you are accessing a white background page. I use it late when using G Docs.

    And, ..., f.lux of course.

  • I am currently using the Vivaldi browser and it is my best browser.
    of course I also use the dark theme and I am very pleased.

  • For me dark mode is better for my eyes cos i hate bright white light even when i sleep i want it to be pitch black

  • I find that dark themes on browsers are not that useful since most websites use a traditional "light" theme.
    Moreover, having black decorations / tabs / panels on light websites is visually unpleasant for me.
    Not having a dark theme would be a deal breaker for some people though, so it's a good addition for any application.

  • I use Dark Reader with this colors:



    In same sites I use a style with a lighter dark to differentiate topics:


  • Dark mode please! I love Vivaldi, but find the lack of dark mode a bit irritating. One extension I tried did NOT work on several sites and the current one, Night Eye wants to shake you down for money. SO if it pleases the developers and powers that be, dark mode. I have myself (a senior citizen) and my granddaughter that is virtual learning. The dark mode is so much easier on the eyes!

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    @kathyblanchard Try some of the Page Actions like Filter Sepia, or Filter Invert.

    Reader View is customisable, but does not work everywhere.

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    After long time with Dark Grey BG, I've adopted a Dark Blue / Grey.
    It feels better on Medium / Low light environment and gives a Better Mood Sense.


    The extension used it's MidNight Lizard.




    It could run in all sites except Internal / Extensions / - Chrome:// - Vivaldi://.

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