5 things you should know about dark mode

  • Why not use "filter invert" which is already included in 'page actions'? It works better if you are accessing a white background page. I use it late when using G Docs.

    And, ..., f.lux of course.

  • I am currently using the Vivaldi browser and it is my best browser.
    of course I also use the dark theme and I am very pleased.

  • For me dark mode is better for my eyes cos i hate bright white light even when i sleep i want it to be pitch black

  • I find that dark themes on browsers are not that useful since most websites use a traditional "light" theme.
    Moreover, having black decorations / tabs / panels on light websites is visually unpleasant for me.
    Not having a dark theme would be a deal breaker for some people though, so it's a good addition for any application.

  • I use Dark Reader with this colors:



    In same sites I use a style with a lighter dark to differentiate topics:


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