5 things you should know about dark mode

  • Then why don't you support a dark mode for addons? Umatrix and ublock origin could sure benefit from that, the way firefox does with shadowfox. White backgrounds are simply too abbrasive, especially in a dark room.

  • @n8chavez For now, try Page Actions, Filter Sepia.

    Filter Sepia.png

  • My usage of PC is basically only in dark mode.
    While I'm using the computer, a dark screen with white text seems less strain for my eyes (although, white background with black text still more readable).
    BTW, I recommend two extensions for making web pages darker.

    1. Dark Reader: Turn any page darker, although, is possible finding cases where it doesn't work well, such as Wikipedia where it's logo colors is inverted.
    2. Stylus: Allows you to install custom themes in any page. Themes which aren't limited to switch pages colors, but also can change the layout.
      In pages which I access frequently, that Dark Reader doesn't work well, I try finding a Stylus style for it.
      Currently, I'm using it on Google services, WhatsApp Web, SoundCloud (which also improved the layout) and a few others that works just as "Custom CSS fixes" for some pages.

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  • For me dark mode has always been about putting the content first and letting the controls and interface go into the background. It is about focusing on the main content without bothering about the interface quirks and buttons and menus. On Photoshop, or browsers, dark mode is a boon. You can focus on the website content instead of looking at the interface. My operating system is also in dark mode for the same reason.

  • When Serif's Affinity Designer was first introduced in 2014, there was only a dark UI. I found it unusable, and this Adobe Illustrator user signed up just to request a lighter UI.

    UI designers seem to be under the misapprehension that having dark user interfaces is helpful because the tools 'get out of the way' and don't distract from the content. In fact, that's not true (or, at least, it's missing the point). The key thing is contrast: for ideal working conditions, every part of the screen that contains active content (i.e. artwork and tools) should be of a similar brightness to the overall intensity of the artwork.
    Frankly it amazes me that Adobe has got this wrong in recent times. It seems to be insisting on dark user interfaces itself, by default, which is barmy. But the fact that Adobe's started doing this doesn't mean that other developers should blindly follow its lead. Dark user interfaces may look cool, but they're actually a really bad idea, especially if enforced. Please, developers, THINK about such things! Take design decisions for the right reasons, rather than just to follow the current trend.

  • Jak dla mnie tryb ciemny lepszy poniewaz nie meczy oczu jak równiez jest bardziej czytelny i wyrazny ,niestety na bialym wszystko sie zlewa

  • Why are the forums suddenly blue instead of red?!? 😖

  • @mossman Please see also here.

  • During the eighties and nineties, apart from working on my colour C64 and C128, most of my computer work was done at the DOS/Command prompt. Who would have thought that I was so trendy, working almost exclusively in "dark mode" even back then! LOL!

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    @dbouley ,yes, but it could also be configured with ANSI codes in the promt.

  • @Pesala I'm not referring to an extension that alters webpages for a "dark mode." For that I use Dark Background Light Text I meant that the extensions themselves should have a dark theme included, or be able to make use of the dark native Vivaldi theme.



    Versus this


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    This post is deleted!

  • @NSSynapse I find your comment about the reasons for monitor default brightness settings very interesting. About a year ago I needed a new TV. When I first started watching it, I found my eyes were getting very tired and I was getting headaches. I went into the settings and found adjusting "power saving" to maximum (which dims the screen significantly) was necessary to alleviate the problem. Now I know why! Sony wanted their TV to stand out in the showroom!

    I also always have the brightness on my desktop monitors and laptop screens set to minimum or near-minimum.

  • @dbouley haha I was about to write something similar myself! Appreciating light text on a dark background before it was cool... does that make us hipsters? 🤣

    I actually found a word processor a while back which had a similar interface to my Amstrad PCW8256 's word-processing operating system, "Locoscript" - right down to the green-on-black text. I think it's called "Wordgrinder" or something similar. I no longer use it as I have an Amstrad PCW emulator so can use the real thing. It'd be interesting to see if Libreoffice or Abiword can be configured to render a page in green-on-black too.

  • I run dark mode on everything I can. My terminal window is white on black, my browser interface is white text on black as much as possible. Although the dark reader add-on is cool, it severely degrades browser performance in both Vivaldi and Firefox, wish that happened to be a native feature in the browser.

  • @mib2berlin: Have you actually considered the technical aspects of the problem? They have a good start with the dark theme, all they need to add is the add-on functionality that already is there with add-ons. I already use Dark Mode addon for Vivaldi/Chrome and it works just fine. It's a relatively simple add-on. I don't think many man/hours would have to go into this (that's why they are testing the waters).

    "Native" dark mode for Vivaldi is not an option for Vivaldi, it's a MUST!

  • @jamesbeardmore: Sure, hipsters, why not. I've been called worse! 😉

    I think that LibreOffice allows you to actually change the colours of it's interface. It's been a long time since I've used LibreOffice, so I may be remembering wrong. I currently use WPS as my Linux office suite, and the closest thing it has in this regards is a "night mode" and "eye strain" setting, which dims it's interface for easier reading in low light conditions.

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    @dbouley , yes, I have it in the same color scheme as the rest, clear letter on a black background

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    There are other issues for me than dark modes although I do like to switch occasionally.
    I am not fond of Windows Accessibility options for the visually impaired, I have it set to darken at low light but that is it.
    More concerning to me are the use of "Skinny Fonts" and the pastels colours of many webpages makes me use Reader more often.
    Terminal modes are different for PoweShell and the Command Prompt are different and are different for Admin and local user modes (usually variations on a dark blue background with yellow foreground and a strong looking font).

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