2.11.1789.3 still no core!

  • 79.0 small repair core, is 2.12 just with the core 80.0?

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    @whyule2019 Man alive. Would you please not do this any more? The introduction of Chromium 80 engine in a Vivaldi snapshot will come when it's ready. If the browser layer were compatible with 80, you would already see it. You don't, so it's not. It will be introduced under a 2.11 snapshot in good time. When the developers feel it's sufficiently compatible for public testing, it will be introduced. Until then, continually poking them in their ribs and yelling over their shoulders to work faster contributes literally nothing to this community. If you wish to control the speed and direction of browser development, then you are free to develop your own browser.

  • My question is do we need a Chromium core? There are so many Chromium core browsers. Even Edge is going to Chromium..

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    @ezmjz What rendering engine would you prefer?

    Blink was chosen after weeks of internal debate at Vivaldi concerning the engines available at the time. Gecko and WebKit, at least, were also discussed. Presto was not available for discussion, I don't think Trident or Servo (still experimental) were in the mix, QT Webengine was dead at the time, and EdgeHTML would not have been available. But certainly, every browser needs a rendering engine. And writing one from scratch was out of the question.

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