Vivaldi won't close pinned tabs!

  • Vivaldi (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) vivaldi won't close pinned tabs! [url=]A video demonstration[/url] In the video you can see me opening a random page, pinning it and trying to close to no avail. But when unpinned, the tab closes. PS. The on-site video player shows the video in a poor quality. It's better to download it and watch locally with your favourite media player.

  • Although is pretty obvious that the pinned tabs are there to stay, and not to be closed accidentally.

    The devs were so kind to insert an option meant to make the pinned tabs closeable

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    Of course the whole point of pinning tabs is so that they will not be accidentally closed.

    There need be no "close" option in the context menu for pinned tabs, because having to unpin them first is completely acceptable.

    Hence, either the "close" option should be removed or made functional, one or the other. Using context menu as an intermediary is also acceptable, and a tad more efficient than unpinning first, so my slight preference would be for it to be made functional - but I could live with it either way. Factually, I basically never, ever close my pinned tabs - so if it took me five steps to get one closed, I could even live with that.

  • In my case Vivaldi does close the pinned tabs even though the setting is set not to close them :unsure:


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