Regression in 2.10.1745.23: some compose key sequences are not recognized

  • I'm a heavy user of the compose key (which I have bound to caps lock), and ever since I upgraded Vivaldi to 2.10, certain sequences are not recognized anymore. Some of them still work fine (like Compose + ' + letter, or Compose + c + letter, Compose + m + u), but any sequence where the first key after compose requires Shift to be pressed down, is ignored (in other words, Shift seems to cancel the effect of Compose, but only in Vivaldi). This makes it impossible to, for example, type the Swedish ä / ö, or fancy quotation marks “ / ” whose sequences start with < / >.

  • Hi, no such problem here (see my signature for specs). But I have a different one (inherited from Chromium; since 1732.13) that ignores rctrl-altgr compose sequence (reported as VB-60492 if you care) so I use paus since then.

  • Hmm, might be related. I suspect the difference could be that you're used to using compose as a modifier key, whereas I use it as a dead key. I had no idea it could be used as a modifier, and in fact, as I just discovered, if I press down shift before hitting compose, it works as intended. That would be a workaround, albeit a clunky one that completely messes up muscle memory. FWIW, the order in which modifiers were pressed down really shouldn't matter anyway.

    And it looks like I just found another symptom of the same issue: if I switch to the Slovak keyboard layout, the dead key for accents (´) does not work with upper-case letters. So the general issue is that the shift modifier cancels out the effects of previously-pressed dead keys.

  • @koniiiik Dead-keys compose combinations don't seem to work also in any other app, Shift doesn't change this behavior in any way. ´ (outside compose combo) works well (CZ-qwerty).

    Wait, what? You said that compose can be used as a modifier? …but I use it as a kind of dead key, too (i. e. Compose, Shift+¨ (your AltGr+P?), AltGr+, for ). But the modifier version behaves the same (if I keep Compose pressed).

  • @potmeklecbohdan Then my guess was wrong. Either way, all dead keys are most certainly canceled by pressing down the shift key on my machines, but only in Vivaldi and latest chromium.

    Not sure what you mean when you say that dead key compose combinations don't work. Can you give an example?

  • @koniiiik said:

    Not sure what you mean when you say that dead key compose combinations don't work. Can you give an example?

    I meant compose combinations that include dead keys (there shouldn't be any at all).

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